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  • Octopus Space Center


    Did you have a fun weekend? Last weekend, I went to the Octopus Space Center in Ganghwa with the kids.Yo~ More expensive than I thought? I was a little hesitant about the entrance fee We're here to go out and reinforce it, but the boys don't have much to do. I stopped by the Octopus Space Center. I came here without any expectations, but it was better than I thought. I could experience it indoors. There are dinosaur parks outside, sledding all four seasons. I was able to experience the boat. It was nice to have all the access to the facility free of charge. Well, I thought I'd be able to stay here until evening. I don't think it's that expensive. How many times did I ride sleds outside after the indoor experience? If it weren't for high levels of fine dust, I'd be playing more and more. There are so many restrictions because of fine dust everywhere... The sky is cloudy again today. Have a nice week.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.05.13 13:30

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  • Google+ failed and shutdown


    Google+ 아시죠? 저도 조금 하다가 재미없어서 facebook 하고 instagram 자주 하네요 커다란 cloud server 왜 망했어요? EOS 관련된 website 도 그런 risk 가 있겠죠? 어떻게 하면 publyto 인기가 많아질수있을까요? 저는 투자한사람 아니지만 어떤 친구의 소개로 가잊하고 활동하고있는데 나쁘지 않네요..그런데 주변 사람들이 이런 사이트 존재하는거까지도 모른다구요...

    $saraz . 2019.04.03 06:45

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  • The secret behind the plane's window? - No, hidden science.


    Do you take many airplanes? At first, I made a reservation at the window when I made a reservation for a seat. To open the window and look out. The reality is that after take-off, it's so dazzling that you have to close the window. Do you know that there is a secret behind this window? I'm going to take a look at the science behind the airplane window. If you were sitting by the window and looking carefully at the window, you would have noticed that the windows were all round. Why is that? The world's first jet airliner, the De Havilland DH 106 Comet, launched in 1949, was deflated during its operation in 1953. We don't know the exact cause, followed by two midair explosions. It was a high-tech plane. There were a lot of tests and analyses that turned out to be the reason A crack that started when the window broke apart the gas. Because airplanes fly very high, the pressure difference between inside and outside increases as you go up. This creates a force that pushes the plane from the inside to the outside of the airplane with high air pressure, which is concentrated in the corner of the window, causing cracks to start, and the whole plane to be blown apart. And after a lot of research, if you round the windows, you'll find that this force is distributed evenly, so that it doesn't break or crack. From then on, the windows of the airplane all changed into round shapes. This is a device that uses a round window, and there are space shuttles and submarines. In the case of submarines, external water pressure is large, so you have to withstand strong external forces as opposed to aircraft. Now, I found out why the windows are round. Does anyone see a hole in the window? What hole in the window? Isn't there a hole in it? You might ask. ^^ The window of the airplane is made up of three parts. The cockpit is said to be in the middle of five. There is a hole in the middle window called 'Breather hole'. It is designed to withstand internal and external atmospheric pressure fluctuations. If the pressure increases significantly due to an explosion light inside the cabin, the hole will allow the extra pressure to flow out and break only the outside window. There is also a 70 degree temperature difference between the inside and outside, which reduces the temperature difference between each window so that it doesn't feel If you find a window without these holes, it will be bad, so report it.~~ You've heard a message asking you to open the window when you fly or land. What if you didn't hear it? You slept even before takeoff. ^^ This is because in the event of a malfunction in the wing lights of an airplane, passengers or crew can first detect and convey a dangerous situation. In fact, there are often cases where passengers who were looking through windows to see smoke coming out of their wings before taking off and landing. If you flew like this, you'd be in big trouble. There's a table by the window of the room with a triangle mark. This seat is said to be the best place to look at the wing state of an airplane. In case you're making a big deal out of the window in the middle of the flight, you're gonna have a big deal with it. Make sure you have common sense in advance, as you may be going on a "battleground" by parachute.

    $eternize . 2019.03.04 11:38

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  • #What if?#book#science


    Today, I'd like to introduce you to a book that's kind of crazy about science. The original is titled "What if?" but the translation is titled "Dangerous Science Book." Haha. It includes a rather dangerous imagination, but can't you imagine anything? It is a book which is very meaningful for middle school students to read if a little explanation is supplemented. I'm having a fever with my son. You can go to to find a way to read a book without buying it. A little uncomfortable, it's in English. Haha The first crazy idea that I was talking about was, "When the Earth stops cycling." If you take a look at this topic for a moment, it's all known that the Earth rotates in its orbit, and the scientific answer is, "Almost everyone dies." The Earth moves about 470 meters per second around the Earth's axis at 1,692 km/hr per hour. How fast is this? In the case of passenger airplanes, it is said to be operating at speeds of up to 1,000 km/hr, usually between 600 and 700 km/hr. So, if we can change that, we're going to spin at about twice the speed of an airplane, not slowly, but suddenly, if it's possible for this to stop, we're going to get wind blowing at that speed, and as the equator goes up, we're going to have a little bit less speed. In the case of the most famous typhoon in our country, the central maximum wind speed is about 30km/hr, 56 times the speed of the typhoon, which caused tremendous damage. In this case, the wind isn't just a strong wind, but a tremendous amount of heat that's heated by speed, so to speak, a heat blast from a nuclear explosion from the movie "Terminator"? Once you're on the ground, if you're hit by something flying or accidentally avoid it, will you be able to melt it in the heat wave and if you're avoiding it, will there be anything left to eat? Let's go to the ocean where we can collect the most easily. This super-hot wind that we're talking about above creates enormous water vapor as it's upside down over the ocean and over the river, and when the deep-sea water comes up to sea level, the dissolved oxygen is low, so the life in the ocean is not safe. So the Earth is not a place for living. In a single book, we didn't calculate that because of the stopping time and the physical strength of the moon, we went back and recovered at the original speed. Why is that impossible? Kk. There are about 150 other things that I can imagine. I hope it's time to take a break from the complicated routine.

    $bigman35 . 2019.02.19 11:12

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  • An apple falls, but why doesn't the moon fall?


    It is so amazing and fun to imagine the universe. Of course, it's not just a level of comfort and a level of understanding. If I search on YouTube, I can explain it well, so it's good to understand and enjoy it in my own way. When Newton, a scientist in the 17th century, saw an apple fall, he discovered the law of universal gravitation. They say that scientifically, the moon proved to be falling. It's a satellite that's made using this principle. It's not a vertical drop, it's a throw-off principle. So the satellites are falling.~~~ I've had a habit of watching the public with interest and taking pictures. Hundreds of years ago, it developed from a phenomenon in which apples fall, and now it's used in the scientific formula. I think it's too great. What would I have thought if I didn't know about Newton, and I saw an apple fall? Did he wonder why the apple fell? "Why doesn't the moon fall when apples fall?"

    $fire . 2019.02.13 00:41

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  • Ganghwado Octoki Space Center


    Ganghwa Octoki Space Center Space Center + Sculpture Park + Dinosaurs + Snow Waters + Skates a place where you can enjoy something at once I recommend a house with babies and children.

    $hochang . 2019.02.12 12:09

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  • Why don't you go see a star?


    Hello, I'm Star Road.^^ This is an astronomy and astrology that loves and explores the night sky for the first time at Publicito. I want to talk to you about the universe and the stars that I know. At first, the word "start" is the same as "start," and "start" is the same as "saddle." Let's take our first trip inside Publicito with a good feeling of excitement. ^^

    $starroad . 2019.01.04 23:31

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  • Alan Turing to unlock Enigma's secret [2] [KEEP!T


    "Gudok" and "Thank You" are love. 👍Blockchain journal [KEEP!T] 👍KEEP!T History: Alan Turing to unlock the secrets of blockchain (12) enigma [2] ( 👍Edit, voice Feel通

    $keepit . 2018.12.29 22:02

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