Yoon Kye-sang is cool, but I have more eyes on #suit and turtleneck.👀🧥

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$geniestellar . 2018.12.25 14:07
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Let's get together during the winter. 필수Diet and Fitness Required...🤣Yoongye Award #Suit

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    • Mermaid of movies

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      Pearl of the motion world.elizbeth Taylor.

      $brokade . 2019.10.31 21:28

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    • Biafran rap star.

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      Biafran rap star,doing his music setting up stage.

      $brokade . 2019.10.19 06:42

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    • #오랜만 주말 여유

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      참 시간은 빠르다 벌써 여름이 다가온다 오늘 은 그나마 잠시 여유가 생겼다 여유있게 점심도 먹고 커피도 마시고 나만의 여유를 가졌다! 나는항상 사람들과 함께 잠시도 쉴시간이 없이수많은 시간들을 함께 해왔다! 지금 이시간도 새로운 일들이 생겨 날것이다 나역시 새로운것을 만들며 추구하기를 아주 좋아한다 누군가의 것을 따라하는 삶은 언젠가는 한계를 경험 할것이다 쉽지는 않겠지만 모든이들이 스스로의 영역 혹은 자기만의 생각만이라도 당당하게 소리 칠수 있기를 바란다⭕️✍️📲💻🗣 Max_Cho bio EOSIO Community Activitist and Advisor! I almost every community members and always try to find something for the development of the community. EOS Acknowledgments “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” The EOS Acknowledgments list is a manifestation of the ongoing process of giving public credit to important EOS contributors. It will be updated regularly over the coming months and years. http://www.eosacknowledgments.io ( Community Evolution, 社区发展推动, 커뮤니티 성장 ) eosDAC프로필 https://members.eosdac.io/profile/maxmaxmaxmac EOS vote Proxy https://www.alohaeos.com/vote/proxy/maxmaxmaxmac HomePage https://eosalliance.wordpress.com/ passthetorch TOKEN 🏃‍♂️TORCH passed🔥No.41 https://bloks.io/transaction/261d2ec55d65d5c0b061204b5286209fe182d2e0ff49a532b420fbb507d0c300 https://decentium.org/x/maxmaxmaxmac Max_Cho photo https://i.imgur.com/OdIec1F.jpg #수성못 #나들이 #여유 #날좋다 #커피한잔 #Max_Cho와 함께 #_ #_

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    • Naomi Campbell is shacking.

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      Naomi Campbell is shacking. I'm coming for her throne 👑😂

      $sergiomendes . 2019.06.01 21:58

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    • Shane Dawson tricking Youtube and his Audience.

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      https://d.tube/#!/v/sergiomendes/j5qyemav Come find how Shane Dawson have cracked the Youtube algorithm and how he is tricking it and his audience. The truth is out.

      $sergiomendes . 2019.04.09 22:26

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    • Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars is Cancelled

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      https://steemit.com/dtube/@sergiomendes/dupv859k This is unbelievable. They wanted to gag us but all they did was to disappoint us. All the season for me was really boring and trying to hard. Do You watch the show what did You thought about this end?

      $sergiomendes . 2019.04.08 09:54

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    • PR contest by $done

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      PR contest by $done >>> https://publyto.com/posts/10675 For the host Dion and his friends who prepared and support this event, and all of you who worked hard to create contents to participate, we've gathered the contents for more people to see what they've created! Please enjoy! Again, we appreciate $done for holding this event, and thank you all for your participation!

      $publyto . 2019.03.28 14:28

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    • 2019 Ganti Presiden

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      Ayo semuanya kita serukan untuk di tahun ini kita sama-sama mendukung probowo-sandi menjadi presiden Republik Indonesia periode 2019-2024.

      $muslem21 . 2019.03.16 14:37

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    • My birthday

      Celebrity Gossip

      I came back a lot happy that day ... I

      $adilazeem . 2019.02.27 12:35

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    • The support from actor Kwak Hyun-joon!

      Celebrity Gossip

      The coffee shop run by 툭툭's coffee man, When I visited you, I was a celebrity, Kwak Chang-shin. I was so excited when you brought me some coffee. "Hello, I saw you on TV!" I made a lot of countrymen's tea.Hahaha I'll say TV when I get home. I said, "Terevi." "Terevi."ㅜㅜ And then you're also a model for Zoe. The coffee man even filmed the video and sent it to me.♪ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I can't help but love you for calling my name!! I'm following Instagram and stalking them.LOL The news of the new name just got caught! You're working as Kwak Hyun-joon, not Kwak Chang-shin! Okay~ Try following me. Kwak, Hyun and Jun Actor Kwak, just walk the flower path in front.~♥ Gazoo to the world with the tooktook!

      $sara . 2019.02.22 01:19

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    • Me and my cousin's

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      나는 지난 주 일요일이 장소에 왔는데 친구의 차가 접근 할 수 있었고 GPS 네비게이션에 문제가 없었다. 우리가 도착했을 때, 이용 가능한 많은 차 공간과 아름답고 자연의 복합체 내의 2 개의 건물이 있었다. 나의 사촌은 여기에서 결혼했다. 그리고 우리는 본관에서의 환영회뿐만 아니라 채플에서의 공식적인 결혼을 위해 양쪽 건물에 갔다, 약 180 명의 손님이 나타났다. 이미 전문 사진 작가가 있었기 때문에 사진을 많이 찍지는 않았지만, 그 중 두 명이 더 일찍부터있었습니다. 우리에게는 3 코스 저녁 식사가 있었다, 주된 것은 Barracuda 물고기이었다. 그리고 뼈로부터 떨어져서 양고기 (놀랄만한 양쪽이 아니라 모두). 멜버른에서 곧 결혼 할 사람을 위해,이 장소는 훌륭하고 직원은 훌륭했습니다. 게다가 무제한 술도 보너스였습니다.

      $rxhussain . 2019.01.11 22:49

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    • Kim Yu-na Signing Society

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      This is a video that I filmed earlier. Share your hearts with your fans. You're so pretty with your fingers. I can't do it. I can't just shoot. crying 2014 Shafran Signature

      $nani . 2019.01.06 13:14

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    • If you eat delicious food.

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      If you eat delicious food or snacks... The hum of the temple and the Balbounce... Even a 5-year-old child starts to have a balbounce when he eats a delicious snack. #Taste evaluation is #Bounce #Matstagram #Makbanggil #Eukjanggun # Eat without a break

      $godfather . 2018.12.27 22:13

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    • Yu-na, get the heart.

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      Everyone cheer up after receiving Yu-na's heart.^^

      $nani . 2018.12.17 10:46

      11 thanks . 85.3585 PUB

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