I bought this book around 2004.

It is already 15 years old.

I read it this morning, and I usually take it out of the bookshelf and read it.

The title of this book is likely to be full of the contents of economic practice,

It's the same book as the Bible.

It's not just the economic aspect of wealth.

a positive attitude, health, human relations, freedom, hope, faith, generosity, self-control, understanding, etc

Introduce and

I'm explaining how I can get it.

in one's life

When I lack self-control, when I lack love in my heart

That's why I'm having a hard time on my own

I'll take it out and read it out.

It's a book that gets a lot of help.

And now you're yellow because you're covered in yellow.

It's a little off the edges.

It's a book I want to recommend to someone I care about.☆

Then, ladies and gentlemen, have a happy time with a good book. ^-^

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  • All in the place - Oliver Sacks' inquiring spirit.


    💡 Oliver Sacks, who had a different spirit of exploration since childhood. In fact, sodium can explode when met with water, which could make a bomb without fear of a brilliant experiment. Besides this, one can only say that the museum is really different when it sneaks around the museum all night long until it is closed, or that it came up with vanadium at that young age as an element to replace the iron of hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. ⠀⠀⠀ #Everything is there #Oliver colors #Alma # Bookstagram # Bookstagram #

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  • Marquez, who is magically read


    📚 Looking back on the book I read, I found that the weight of world literature was not very high, while I had read four Marquez's works. Except for 100 years of solitude, these are short stories. I can't yet accurately describe the contradictory modifier of "magic realism" in Marquez's writing, but I can definitely tell you how I feel when I read his book. "I don't know what it's about, but it's magical to read...” #Nobody writes to the colonel #Gabriel García marquez #Minums #BookStagram #

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  • Good luck.


    #Puggle_Ha Sang Wook It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Sick, sad, painful. for all one ́s forgotten To you. May the good things come to you. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Just forget about the painful past. Come to me and take a rest Wipe away the tears that flow. I'll stitch up the tear. I'm gonna throw away my pain, my sorrow, my love. You're just... I wish you happiness. by me. That's what life is all about. It's fair to everyone. So don't tell me it hurts more than anyone else. Tell them you were sick with others. Stand up and walk with others. We have so many friends like me. Be happy with them. by me.

    $yeonwu . 2019.05.18 06:37

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    It's eating. It's going to be a lot more unrealistic in these days. I know it's uncomfortable for someone else. I think it's a novel that we have to read at least once in our time.

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    [Book] Look beyond here to see ᄀ곷 (I see you as if I'm looking at you).) Park Bo-gum Boys and Girls' Generation - Drama

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  • An interesting science book - the scientific bravado of orbit.


    💫 It's fun. It's nice to see YouTube of "Track" before I read the book. But it seems a little distracting, perhaps the difference between video and text. In the video, the humor that comes in the time difference is witty and exciting, but the typeface seems to be exhausting as it is a list of small talk. After all, the book is fun, but it's better to listen to the voice of "Track" on YouTube. I almost forgot, but there are quite a few romantic parts of physics that might be hard to think of. When you deal with the laws and numbers of nature, you'll find the beautiful side and you'll definitely be sentimental, and you can see the sentences that come out of them everywhere. ⠀⠀⠀ #Track science fiction #Track #East Asia # Bookstagram #Book

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    Haruki Murakami's <South of the National Guard, West of the Sun> is an extension of the era of loss. To tell the story of the age of loss of youth's immature love, it is a bit of a rich love story after coming of age to the south of the border and to the west of the sun. Shimamoto, who was her first love, appears in front of Hajime, who was happily with her beloved wife and two daughters. His life is shaking all the time. Since they were 12 years old, they have been in common with each other and have loved each other, but they were still young. So I couldn't get the feeling right and as time went by, the relationship became neglected. And Shimamoto hides his tracks. For Hajime, Shimamoto means the land of far-off lands, south of the border. Warm and hopeful cities. Things like the precious memories he harbored in his childhood. As an adult, however, he no longer pursues an ideal that he has in mind if he knew he would compromise with him. I think happiness requires a proper compromise between ideals and reality. I have a loving wife and two daughters. The bar operation was okay and I have a good car and a house. Although it seems like a happy family and a successful life, Hajime wants to give up all of this and join her because of Shimamoto, whom she met again. In short, I can say it's an affair. It's scary to be able to give up everything because of love. Because your love hurts a lot of people. The reason why this novel is so memorable for a long time is because of the story of Hysteria Siberia. Have you ever heard of a disease called Hysteria Siberia?" "I don't know." "I've read that story in a book before. Was it when I was in middle school? I can't remember which book it was... Anyway, it's a disease for farmers living in Siberia. Imagine you're a farmer, living alone in the fields of Siberia. And I go to the fields every day. No matter how much I look around, I can't see anything. On the north there is the horizon of the north, on the east there is the horizon of the east, on the south there is the horizon of the south, and on the west there is the horizon of the west. That's all. (medium) From the horizon in the east, passing through the center of the sky, watching every day the sun falling down to the horizon in the west, something snapped and died in you. And you throw a hoe on the ground and walk west without thinking. Towards the west of the sun. So I walked for days without eating anything and fell to the ground and died. That's Hysteria Siberia." The western part of the sun, the opposite concept of the southern part of the border, is frightening even now. The thought of an expressionless man walking toward the west of the sun without thinking about it makes my spine cool. Is it the effect of this novel? Sometimes when I work, I feel my soul is worn out. So I imagine throwing everything away and walking nonstop to the west of the sun. Every time I do, I gather myself several times to keep my head above water. To go back to the novel, Hajime knows Shimamoto is no longer south of the border, but west of the sun. What choice will Hajime make? There are many interesting novels like Kafka on the beach and 1Q84 so I don't like them relatively much, but sometimes I think of Hysteria Siberia.

    $nilgo . 2019.05.14 20:00

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  • Eumatism - a book that is disappointing rather than expected


    📚 I didn't know why I was holding this book, but I kept reading it. Rather than new insights, similar details about the overall nature of humor looked at in existing literature and cases are repeated, and even mentions Korean society in a way that is not in line with the title "emotional topography of Korean society." What did the author really want to say through this book? ⠀⠀⠀ #Mumanism #Kim Chan-ho #Literature history #Bookstagram # Bookstagram #

    $book . 2019.05.14 08:51

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  • [Bookview Event] Magic Order Yabalabagilla_Slam Dunk


    I'm not good at it, but I liked it all when it came to sports, but I didn't really have a close relationship with basketball. It is not too much to say that middle school is only volleyball and high school is just playing soccer. Basketball was not a very touching sport to me. When I was graduating from high school, I saw my first graders playing basketball, and I thought that was fun. Then, after being discharged from the military, I watched the basketball drama "The Last Match" aired on MBC in 1994. Ironically, my favorite cartoon was the basketball cartoon, the slam dunk. Now, my age is definitely middle age, but it is also a comic book that I still have 24 books in hand. Won't you remember Kang Baek-ho with red hair? Personally, I like Chung Dae-man the flame man next. When I was having a hard time at work and I was at the end of my rope, I would go to the cartoon room and borrow a full slam dunk and read it carefully. It's interesting, but I needed the motivation of a single passage from the book. The dialogue section became an order for me like "Yabalabagiya" in the song "Lee Seung-hwan's Dunk," which many of you know is, uh... Struggling with injuries, he said, "When was your golden age? Was it national team time? I am now." In order to see Kang running back to the court with an injury that could have ended his career, I spared no effort to see the 23rd volume and ended up staying up all night. Then I used to hypnotize myself and get away from the difficulties. Now I am in the third grade of middle school and my oldest son who likes basketball the most. It is already a long time since I can't even play 1:1.Haha Not long ago, I handed over these precious 24 books to my son as a legacy. My son, who won third place in last year's competition and is determined to win first place this year, is watching and watching. For some reason, I feel like I passed my golden age on to my son. I guess I'm going overboard, right? I need to prepare for another golden age of mine. But if something hard comes along for a while, what are you going to look at and order me now? May everyone spend the busy first and second weeks of May and memorize their own words of encouragement in the third week. Lastly, can I read comic books in Book Review? Haha

    $bigman35 . 2019.05.13 15:18

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  • You're a recipe for this again.


    👩🏻‍🍳 I can't laugh very well with English humor. In the first place, British humor is not funny (it's funny, you know?) But I couldn't quite relate to the story of how to cook. Even in times of the year, people can now find recipes or watch videos through smartphones, but it was even more difficult to sympathize with them as they were watching the cooking struggles of the early 2000s. I'm Julian Barnes. I've been through this. ⠀⠀⠀ #And the recipe # Julian Barnes # Dasan Bookstore # Bookstagram

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  • [Book펍] #6 Were they really Socialists?


    [Book] Why was the decision made by the state my share of poverty? – #6 They were really socialists? "Jesus was the first socialist, and the first to pursue a better life for mankind." The remarks were made by Mikhail Gorbachev on June 16, 1992. Even if you're not a Christian, and you don't have any religious background, you can see that this remark is logically incorrect. For one thing, socialism does not refer to everyone moving voluntarily for the good of society. The most important feature is the concentration of power to forcibly achieve the objectives of the central planning economy, the property ownership of the government and redistribution of wealth. The state comes forward and promises to "We do all this for you," "We are for your own good," "We help people" and as if we will be responsible for the overall part of the people's lives. And the more powerful the government has, the less people's choices will be and to suit the tastes of those in power. The author argues that Jesus was never a socialist, just by looking at the passages from the Bible. When the Pharisees tried to entrap Jesus over the tax issue in Rome, Jesus told Gaisa that the things of Gaiza were to be given to God, and the things of God were to be sacrificed to God. This is evidenced by the fact that it supported the private property rights of individuals. The story of a good Samaritan who helped those in need with what he had, and the story of the first Christians selling their property and spending all their money together, was all brought about by voluntary actions, not by coercive forces. "God loves the one he likes" is a sign that he has continued to support the personal contract, profits and private property rights. Redistributionists argue that Jesus does not like the rich on the basis of Matthew 19:23: "I tell you the truth, the rich cannot enter heaven." The author, however, argues that the phrase is ridiculously expanded to justify a scheme by socialists to take money from one side and use it to the other. This chapter is the last chapter in Why Poverty Is My Share in State's Decisions. Overall, the book promotes the fiction of collectivism, central planning economic system, and emphasizes the importance of private property rights and freedom. Through this book, I could feel that the distribution of resources, the prosperity of economic ecology, can only be achieved when market participants' free trading activities and their private property rights are guaranteed. One cannot impose individual altruism to achieve public efforts because one is basically an instinct for seeking economic benefits, and as long as history has forced it, the concentration of great power will know what consequences it has brought.

    $eaglekeeneye . 2019.05.12 23:10

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  • Only you know the answer.


    I felt more tired because I went to work on Saturday after a long time and greeted Sunday. Today, I had a day with a pledge to rest, but I feel bored in the afternoon. I have no feeling of taking a special rest, so I take a book. The book I'm going to introduce today is 'No Warren,' a simple readable book called 'You Only Know the Answer.' If one experiences difficulties in human relations at work, it is thought to be a book that suggests a methodology that can be reconsidered from the basics of communication. Looking at the subtitle of the book, it has a long and long subtitle: "The profound lessons of life changing one's life, how to form relationships with others, especially with oneself." In fact, the subtitle is being solved from the main character's perspective of "Bob" in the form of a story. Here's a quote from what I liked. "If no one cares about what you're doing, Bob, why are you wasting your life trying to make others like you?" (P31) The meaning may be different, but have you ever asked yourself, 'What do you work for?' Well... why am I working? simply for money? I'd like to think about it seriously for once and get it over with. "It's a word that expresses your personal style. That's how you relate to the world. You think it's important to entertain others. I don't know why, but there's an incident in your childhood that seems to hold you back. It's an obstacle to your best qualities. It's like always putting your foot on the brakes when you're traveling in a car and you're afraid it won't stop when you need it. You can't go anywhere with your foot on the brake." (P61 in the text) Yes, you can't go with your foot on the brake. I know it well, but it's really hard. "It's as simple as the eyes, nose, and mouth on your face. Wouldn't it be better for you to understand other people's characteristics? Well, isn't communication your main business, anyway? Same with other people. We communicate with people every day. A good leader is the one who understands this." (P93) In order to identify these characteristics, the book presents the pros and cons in four categories. The style is of initiative type, stability type, sociability type and prudence type. Of course, I won't mention each character separately because I can read the book. The volume of the book is appropriate and is easily written in the form of a story, which is thought to be a good book to check and evoke the patterns of one's conversation. What type are you? PS pictures are taken from Pixbay. RealPrince

    $realprince . 2019.05.12 22:47

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  • teenage brain


    # Teenage brain #book # It's a nice Saturday evening. Are you having delicious meals? I'm sure some of you have already finished. I read a book after a while. A few days ago, I was craving a book that my wife had been reading, and I had a chance to steal it.^^ It's a book titled "Teenage Brain." Since there are two teenagers in my family, the title is very interesting. Sure, I recommend reading this book if you have a teenager in your family. Teenagers these days seem to be wasting too much time studying things they don't want to do, such as private tutoring. Since you were born into a competitive society called Korea, what can you do? You might think, Through this book, I think I can show my child how to study more easily. Of course, not only study, but I think I can guide you on how to live in this world wisely. Society stresses that adults understand a child! Adjust it to the eye level of a child' But adults don't know how to do that. I think this book will help adults find that way easily. Teenage brains. What do you think? There's an answer in this book! (It's like a book ad.) The rest of the bullfights! Have a good time!

    $marines . 2019.05.11 19:36

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  • Kim Ji-young, born in 82


    I read it because it is such a controversial book. I read in a desire to at least have a little more understanding of the women of today who are working with my wife and me. The writer skillfully wrote down the story of Kim Ji-young, a "ordinary person." In the middle of the reading, I'd like to tell my wife "It's more like a history book that tells the life story of ordinary women of 82 years, rather than a novel," she said. It was a story that my sister, my wife, my friends, and my juniors would have been through several times, so I felt sympathy and felt that I should change first. The author tells the story of Kim Ji-young and the story of the women who have lived and lived their recent lives. What I said earlier is not that the writer wrote with any intention, but that he was well centered on recording facts. It's not all men that bothers Kim Ji-young. It was the other women who gave the vital organs of mind. In other words, I think the writer wanted to say that it is not men or women who are holding modern women together, but society that should change. I'm talking about the need to change each of the women and men who are members of society to change that society. but It was not until I read the last chapter why this book was so popular. The last chapter of commentary from deep in the end of the woman of letters being told that the dichotomy between men and women contains access. He blamed "some" men's faults on all men, and called them the fault of some "men" who so educated old-generation women, and was once again expanding it into all men's faults. A scholar can't be so narrow-minded as... made me think that I felt like a child patting a red-hot cheek in front of a teacher who slapped a child with a slap in the face when he thought, "I should change first from me," after a moment's lapse of consciousness from the story that the writer was telling me. Anyway, this book was something that, except for the excrement of the scholar, has lived, lived and lived in this era, and should be read and thought deeply. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 0.5 of them are due to the excrement of the scholar.

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  • And there's one sentence left.


    At first, I felt that my writing was short, but as I passed through the pages, I learned. The fact that there is no need to elucidate great people. The writings on Endo Shusaku, Jean Grenier and Christopher Merrill are particularly memorable. ⠀⠀⠀ #And one sentence left #Hope #Thinking station #Book # Bookstagram

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  • Podcast


    I listen to podcasts about books constantly while living. <What this is>, <Readout> is taken every time it is updated At the same time, I was looking for another podcast, but I couldn't find a satisfactory broadcast. Then I discovered Munhakdongne's Literature Story, which is no longer broadcast. It's like Shin Hyung-chul's lecture or book talk. You can hear literary stories that are as dense as that. Also, now I have the pleasure of listening to stories about the good books of the time when they became old books. Listening to each and every episode of the show makes me sad. #Podcast #Literature Story #Literature Village #New season # BookStagram

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  • Kyung-kyung


    🌱 "The beast dies while enjoying, and the man dies after being full of wonder," Jean-Grini said. He was a natural wonder. Yes, sir. It is not just about the big and the great What a wonder a small blade of grass that cast its face between the sidewalk blocks. How much do we want to live?

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  • Anyway, Plants.


    🌿🌿 'Now I know in this world that what I can and cannot be raised is sharply divided. Some of the things that had been cultivated with no chance of growing up were plants that were home to hot, dry land, and people's hearts.’ ⠀⠀⠀ #anything plants #im and #Conan Books #anytime series # Bookstagram # Bookstagram #

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  • Ask 'why' and let 's 'feel' write 'em


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backing from the front line does not seem to create any value. But the irony of that useless time making life useful is the truth that is always waived. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But whether it is well written, unfinished, hidden, or blown away without saving it as a file, Each and every one of these processes is an effort to establish one's own thoughts and form a style, and to practice the aesthetics of life. And while I'm trying to write, I'm holding myself together, and I'm not sure how long I'm writing. It's a moment of self-restraint and desire, of greeting the countless others in my life. Now I can put down my impatience and reproach and speak to scholars without empty words. Nothing in the world is meaningless. Let's write it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -The front line of writing, metaphor-- It is a good book to know good inspiration and how to write. I borrowed it accidentally from the library. I recommend it!

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  • [book펍] #5 Unlistened Cyrene


    Why does poverty belong to the state? Many left-wing commentators were struggling to cope with Venezuela's economic collapse. Most of these advocacy logic is that oil prices are falling, and U.S. sanctions are the main culprit behind the economic collapse. But considering the economic prosperity of Hong Kong and Singapore, small island countries with no resources, one can see that this is not the case. In the end, the nation's prosperity lies in economic freedom. Venezuela's economic collapse began when the government took over the management of the oil industry. Venezuela's state-owned oil company Fedebec Inc. was able to make decisions almost as freely as a private company, taking advantage of mistakes and corruption in state-owned companies like Pemex, and was run by competent managers. In 1999, when Hugo Chavez came to power, he was deprived of his freedom. It laid off as many as 18,000 professionals and hired workers who lacked expertise but were politically loyal to them. Due to their incompetence, the oil purchase process was delayed more than necessary, and serious fire accidents occurred frequently because they did not know how to safely manage the facilities. As a result, crude oil production fell 25 percent from 1999 to 2013. Crude exports, which accounted for 77 percent of all exports in 1998, soared to 97 percent in 2011, as other production activities were also dented. Many countries collapsed with the advent of socialism, even though there were intellectuals who warned against such tragedies in advance, but were suppressed and ignored. Socialists have called for democracy, arguing that all adults are responsible for having the right to vote and playing an equal part in political decision-making, while at the same time raising the issue of what independent people consider unable to run their lives without the involvement of government officials with full authority. Socialist advocates with the right to vote confused society and the state, confused collectivism and altruism. The tax and welfare system encourages people to live on each other's money to take power, and the people insist on delegating full power to them. Before the Russian Revolution, Lenin dissolved a democratically elected lawmaker under the rule of Lenin, who won a peaceful election in the early 20th century. Since then, nationalization of all institutions independent of economic dominance has proceeded, resulting in totalitarian results. "The more the nation makes a plan, the more difficult it is to plan for individuals."

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  • child and death


    Translation. Can't you think it's a paper translation? In terms of content, he feels far from a logical approach, though he is cautious because he is still early.

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  • a box of manganese


    Everyone is introducing me good books, so I was intimidated to read genre novels, but I'm going to introduce a book after a long time. This book is a box of manganese stories from Baekgu Yaja, called Gyogokudo series in Korea. This is a book that seems to me to be a gift set with mystery When I first read it, I felt sick in some parts and had nightmares at night. I was so fascinated by the novel that I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. At the center of the story is an ancient book store called Gyogokudo, which is run by Akiro Tsuzenji, who is a book buff who has read all the books in an ancient bookstore. I've learned a lot so much that I don't know anything about it. And all of you guys hear about events that take place one by one and ask for his opinion, and sometimes people move around at the request of him. They say they're forced into detective work because of people around them, but I don't know if they're enjoying themselves. His signature Jang Kwang-sul may be the highlight of the novel, but many people say it's hard to get too long. "Gyogokudo, who claims that there is nothing strange in the world, uses his knowledge to solve the truth of supernatural phenomena or unknown events, is the power to lead the Gyogokudo series.

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  • A book that looks like a movie - THE ROAD


    I can't remember reading a novel recently. But I chose a novel after a long time. I felt a sense of immersion in the book I caught thoughtlessly. How long has it been since I read a book that feels like watching a movie? Today's book is 'THE ROAD' by Pulitzer Prize-winning Cormac McCarthy. The author is famous for being the originator of several films and for producing outstanding works despite his age. The film has also been made into a film, but there is no country for old people.It is said that the original film is also his work. While reading the book, I felt like a mix of disaster and zombie movies. The tension continues from beginning to end. The dialogue between the father and the son that appears in between is very philosophical. The movie is about to end the life of a protagonist who barely survives his life like a dying embers. I take some extracts from the memorable passages. "Don't forget that the things you put in your head stay there forever. Think about it./ The man said. Don't you forget something? / Yeah. I forget what I want to remember and I remember what I want to forget." (P17 from the text) Is that really so? When the remnants of memories you don't want to remember bother you, you deliberately focus on something. Maybe that's why he lives by working day by day. "People always prepared for tomorrow, but I didn't believe that. I didn't prepare anything for those people tomorrow. I didn't even know there were people like that./ I guess so. Even if you know what to do, you don't know what to do when you're in a hurry. You won't know if you want to do that. Imagine you're the last person left. Imagine you do that to yourself." (P192) While reading this book, I thought about this a lot. In fact, how am I going to live in a world similar to the end of the world? What choices can I make? Just as I was drawing those thoughts in my head, I got sucked into the book, and sometimes scenes were portrayed in the drama "Working Dead." Since the author, Cormac McCarthy, lived in seclusion similar to the story of the book, I wonder if he could have used it more realistically. It was a book that I had never thought of, and you'd be immersed in it. What will you do in the Earth devastated by the disaster? PS pictures are taken from Pixbay. realprince

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  • [Theodore Bookview Event]Participate...


    Thanks to Theodore, I have borrowed a book from author Wu, who is now quite close to me.^^ Thank you, Theo. May has a lot of good days However, it is also a month when we all should never forget.... 18-May If you look at this date, your hometown is Jeonnam, Gwangju, and you'll find yourself in a boiling point. I'm sure most of you can't control your anger. So, even though I read the book, the review is really careful.... First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the victims and their families of the people who were killed in the May 18 uprising.ᅮ.ᅮ Do you happen to have a word of it in front of Carl, the air force gun, to protect Gwangju? I'm also worried about who's going to be about the souls that fell down. With this kind of mind, I'm going to write carefully... Title: beyond death, beyond the darkness of the times Ji-eun:Jeonnam Society for the Movement of Korean Society, Hwang Seok-young Published:The Full Color of Book Publishing You're coming back. You're coming back. your florid soul with an unkind love and an unworthy dream Beyond death, beyond the darkness of the times. in a song of rebirth with a clear song of love You're coming back, of course. .......... Like the rising sun of a new day. rooted in the soil of the wilderness. Like the fragrance of spring and the crown daisies. Like an oak tree standing bare. rotting one's own body and germinating. Like barley, buried in the frozen ground, overcame the winter. To the root that never ends up dying The end of the window flying through the light, with an arrow running toward the target with all the glare of heaven and earth You're coming back. Come back. We're gonna need to get you back to your chest. It's becoming light. -Moon Byung-ran [Song of Revival Songs] So the beginning of the book is about the content of the book. It seems to be a book that vividly chronicles the May popular uprising in Gwangju. While I was reading the book, I had to put it down several times without actually turning it over. He described the situation at that time in such a dire way that... Things couldn't have been happening. at first sight On May 13, 1980, I was inspired by the street march in Seoul and spread to Gwangju. Chonnam National University and Chosun University also tried to enter the streets aggressively Despite continued tear gas shooting by police officers and a gonbong baptism, the students broke through the primary support line. About 10,000 student demonstrators took complete control of the plaza in front of the bugging. On the 14th and 15th, the demonstration went smoothly without any special restrictions from the police. May 16th, Seoul and other universities across the country decided to stop the protests and pay attention to the political situation. While the decision was made, the leaders of the Union of Student Movement in South Jeolla Province decided to hold a torchlight demonstration. The Popularity of Democratization in the 19 Years of the Darkness of Park Chung-hee's Military coup to Yushin dictatorship It was a decision of the will to light it with a torch. The prelude to the oppression of May 17 was beginning. Honam Expressway is packed with airborne troops from Seoul to Gwangju. A moving military vehicle was seen by many people. On the afternoon of May 17, about 1,000 airborne troops prepared to launch operations at the Gwangju Sangmu University's Combat Education Command. I was just waiting for orders from above. The government announced on May 17 that it would expand the emergency rule nationwide as of 24 p.m. Until the dawn of May 18, all major government offices and streets were filled with police, combat police, soldiers, and air force. They were stationed in a tight range and were in control. The students were prevented from entering the school because of the air force guarding the school's main We started a sit-in around. As time went by, the number of students began to increase. The captain of the air force who was facing a confrontation is out front, and if he doesn't disperse immediately, he'll be forced to do it. The students sang louder when they threatened to disperse. Then, suddenly, the airmen were shouting with orders to "forward to attack." As I dug in among the students, I began to hit them with a club. Students resisted a little at first, but they were different from the police. The airmen's club was a special club for killing and killing Several students fell on the ground, spilling blood.... The protests, which began with students, provoked the citizens with brutal acts and killings of airborne troops. The entire civilian population of Gwangju and South Jeolla Province is surrounded by their parents, children, brothers and sisters bleeding out. I had to see myself fall. What an egregious disaster.... Still, the government broadcast regular broadcasts as if nothing had happened to other regions and decided to stop the Gwangju uprising. No comment was made. Then, he made the absurd absurd remark of Gwangju riots.... I wrote more about the horrors in the book. Please understand that I cannot move here. After 40 years, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the bereaved families of 5.18... Through this book, I learned exactly about the wrong things that I had only been exposed to in the media. I think I should live with the pain in my mind that I should never wake up again and never forget it.ᅮ.ᅮ

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