In the rainforests, many creatures grow in abundance. Moreover, once the existing large trees are cut down, there is a lot of life activity. In the rainforests, there is a very fierce battle for land.

Recently, Coin's ecosystem is getting better and better. There will no longer be a question of whether Coin will survive or disappear. Coin is supposed to survive unconditionally. This is because it is a new technology that is responsible for the very important axis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it is Coin that has tokens these technologies. But the question is what kind of coin will survive?

For example, even if the dotcom bubble had collapsed in the past, Internet companies were supposed to survive unconditionally. But not all dotcoms survived, but very few of them survived. In the case of search engines, only a fraction of them survive, taking almost all the profits of the market.

Because blockchain is a new technology, there is a big change. Moreover, it is very difficult to know which coin will survive because blockchain is now in its early stages to become practical. And there is no guarantee that the most technologically superior will survive. In vulgar terms, it will not be "the strong survive" but "the ones who survive are strong." The question is not how inherent excellence guarantees survival, but how to adapt to a given environment.

By this standard, no matter how technically behind it, "bitcoin" is likely to survive while maintaining its very tenacious vitality. The same is true of Idarium. In fact, if the platform ecosystem were to be completed within a year or two, it would have been hard to survive. However, the platform ecosystem will be completed over at least five to six years. During that time, Idol can speed up its technological development. Speed and scalability will be greatly improved through lighting networks and shading.

But what will happen to the child of bitcoin like bitcoin cache? It's hard to jump to conclusions. Bitcoin even included Smart Context, but it is uncertain whether this will prolong the coin's life. Numerous other mining coins are also forced to compete with Bitcoin. If used as a means of making payments simply as a currency, wouldn't it be in an environment where there is no differentiation from bitcoin and will it be destroyed over time?

If it survives, what will happen to the platform coin that competes with it? Platform coin will include a wide variety of applications. Wouldn't this be possible for a lot of similar applications? In the case of social adapt alone, many services are available. In addition, each service has its own differentiating elements, so even if there is a similar service, it will be able to The differentiating factors will also be provided by the different types of adaptations, such as insurance or other

For platform coins competing against ethers such as Ios, Iost, Tron and Aida, it will be very difficult to distinguish between them. It will be hard to tell who will survive now.

Moreover, the private blockchain that will appear in the new environment may create a different competitive landscape. Various services to customers will fluctuate greatly. Coins issued by large companies that already control various services in the form of reverse ICO and existing co-ins can engage in difficult struggles.

Anyway, we're in a very favorable situation for Coin to survive. But among them, only a handful will still survive. That's why we can't relax just because the investment mood is improving. This is also why it is unlikely that such a massive fire will come again, such as in 2017.

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  • 기술력이 좋아도 내게 기쁨을 주는 코인이 좋은거겠죠?ㅎㅎ

    수없이 생기고 사라지고 그 중 선별하는것도 능력이죠

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  • 미래는 불확실하지요.

    "살아남은 자가 강한 자"

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    잔잔하게 생각을 잘 정리하고 글을 쓰시느거 같읍니다. 부럽습니다.

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    There are a lot of clouds in the sky. After lunch, I took a walk around the office, but it was nice to walk because of the wind and sometimes the sun. I saw Bitcoin in the current situation. It doesn't seem to change much. Today, the ripple has risen considerably. It was a boon that the remittance through the ripple's X-rapid would be extended to the North American continent and so far. I don't invest in ripple. But my friend is investing in ripple and almost convinced me to invest in ripple. I didn't invest in ripple, mainly because I invest in Ios, but I try to watch with interest. I bought the ripple because when I moved between the exchange and the exchange, I thought that if I changed the riffle and transferred it, the fee would be cheap. But I don't use ripple now. Fees are often free when sent to Ios. The biggest reason why I don't buy the ripple is because of the number of the ripple. Ripple has 100 billion issues. The number of them, called 100 billion, is a significant burden. When considering the number of ripple, compare it to 1 billion Ios. The price of the ripple should be 100 times the price now and then compared to Ios. Now, if you consider the price of a ripple at 400,000 won (assuming that there are 1 billion ripple like Ios), it seems to be considerably more expensive than the 6,000 won of Ios. I don't yet have the assurance that Ripple's platform has such great value. In that respect, it's also why I don't invest in Ios-based tokens like Karma. No matter how cheap the karma is, there are too many. If the price falls further, we can consider it. Anyway, the ripple is rising today because the area of use of the ripple is becoming global. The reason for the rise is also not well understood. The ripple was originally created by planning international remittances. The scope of the remittance area is expanded to include the purpose of international remittances, and did not it plan global services from the start? The high price of Ripple now includes this prediction and I suspect it has already been reflected. Idleness is also rising considerably; it is now seen as a recovery of the original price because it has lost much of its But the outlook for the Idol doesn't look very bright. Iderium is now lagging behind the fledgling DPOS family such as Ios, Tron and Iost. Quantitative figures, such as the number of transshipments, are overwhelmingly behind. Idarium's lead is due to the number of related engineers and qualitative indicators such as the planned business of blockchain based on idleness in the global federation of large companies. Large companies are rushing to develop etherium technology, and the Idarium Foundation is also investing a lot of money. It also says that this will not easily collapse, but will bring back the old movies in full, depending on the circumstances. However, it takes a lot of time for lightening networks and shading to be applied. While the speed of development is quite slow, other blockchain is further speeding up development. Wouldn't this mean that if it were to go at the rate of development as it is now, it would soon be a matter of losing one's mind to another? Ederium is now shifting from proof of work to proof of equity. I think this change will be positive for Idleness. Ederium also gets a commission. I didn't see it as good at first. In the case of Ios, it was possible to make a transaction without charge. However, while Ios ostensibly has no commission, it pays a certain percentage of the inflation Ios to BP, which operates the blockchain. Overall, as the number of Ios increases, prices will fall, and this decline is a transit-based fee. Because the commission is indirectly charged, it does not always match those who actually pay the fees to those who load the network. This will cause inefficiency in the system. On the other hand, receiving fees will be a significant burden for users, but these fees will be gradually lowered in accordance with technology development and the fees will be paid to steaks on equity certification, so there is also an incentive to hold it and there is low concern about inflation. On platforms such as Ios, there are likely to be a number of meaningless transactions that will put pressure on the system, while Idol is relatively small and will operate efficiently. In that sense, what will eventually take the throne of the platform's coin in the long run should be carefully watched.

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Light coin side (LTC)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, the subject of understanding short and bold encryption is light coin. ◆ Lightcoin's characteristic is that it is a coin that complements bitcoin. → Compared with bitcoin, bitcoin was supplemented in terms of payment speed, liquidity, fairness and technology. Another characteristic of lightcoins is that they seek to coexist with bitcoin. →It is not intended to replace bitcoin by using light coin differently from bitcoin, but rather to coexist with bitcoin. e.g. Bitcoin is used for the trade of expensive goods, automobiles, buildings, etc. and for small transactions such as the cost of refueling of lightcoins and food. ◆ Often, if bitcoin is gold, it is likened to silver. Advantage: ◆ Management's Active Communication: Former Google employee Carrie Lee actively uses Twitter and various media to communicate about LTC's progress and future plans. ◆ Being symbiotic with Bitcoin: I think it's a good strategy. Disadvantages: ◆ Creativity: It's not a very important story, but personally, I don't think it's a very new and innovative project compared to Steam, Ios, Storm and so on. Basic Information: Issue: 56,552,588/84,000 Key words: Bitcoin, complement, symbiotic

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  • Will blockchain prevail public or private in the future?


    The weather has warmed a lot these days. You can see a lot of blooming flowers when you go back and forth between home and office. The mind of looking at flowers becomes generous and dreams of swelling. Now, the Coin Market is also stepping up in the spring. Almost all the coins are in a rising mood. The coins we invest in are mainly based on public blockchain. However, the market is preparing for an overhaul. The guarantee that public blockchain will survive in a revamped market environment is not very strong. Each company will likely try to build and manage its own blockchain system without relying on public chains. In addition, large companies like Naver, Daum and Facebook will build their own blockchain as the market is large enough. There is no reason to give public chains the economic benefits of building blockchain. If you can make more profit by developing and operating yourself, then of course, self-development will be the answer. These companies will be able to make significant profits by launching their own coin, which is key to the operation of blockchain. It will also develop numerous adaptations on its own, if necessary. It is highly likely that the heyday of private blockchain will come. If the private blockchain continues to strengthen, the public chain could be in crisis. This could be a very scary scenario for people like us who invest in public chain-based coins. It can be hard to predict that the start of the Coin market's spring will bring about a huge boom like the one in the past 2017. When new technologies are introduced, bubbles will be formed through investments. However, after the bubble is turned off, investors will also become more rational and cautious about investing. Even now, cryptocurrency is showing a huge rise in short-term good news, but when it falls, it falls very hard. If such market turbulence subsides, an objective method of measuring the value of cryptocurrency will be developed. The market will stabilize, actually be used in everyday life and eventually invest in a coin that creates added value. If companies that run Facebook, Instagram and various blogs launch their own coin through the Reverse ICO, should they like it, saying that the pie in the old Korindo market is getting bigger? The market is very uncertain. A huge price plunge may occur with the flow of moment. If game companies or social media companies build their own blockchain to provide services, the fledgling daddies attached to blockchain like Ios will lose ground. Companies that have previously secured users only need to loosen the coin. It is difficult to guarantee that start-ups will win by competing with existing dinosaur companies. There is not much time left for public blockchain. If the world's central banks can easily transfer international remittances by introducing blockchain in legal currency, what would be the position of bitcoin or ripple, what would happen to the foreign exchange market or stock market, and a huge big bang would arise. How can an investor survive in an environment where the logic that was used in the existing financial markets is difficult to apply? I wonder this. Already, optimists are predicting a bright future for Bitcoin. I also hope Bitcoin will be like that. However, the reality is not guaranteed to be as we wish. A wise rabbit sells three oysters. It will always be necessary to carefully prepare for an uncertain future that may develop.

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    The Metal Packaging Token (MPT) claim function with airdrop is currently active around March 29. You can apply for an airdrop MPT claim right away from the portal on the link. Details of MPT airdrops: Metal Packaging Token Airdrop Announcement ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

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  • PEOS Claim Expires in 10 Days


    We have about 10 days left to apply for a PEOS claim. They say non-claimable tokens will be incinerated. How to apply for a claim 1. Claims by generating a PEOS transaction (e.g. 0.0001 PEOS transmission from Account A to Account B, all accounts A and B are claimed) 2. Claims using a scanner, etc. on the PEOS website ( ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

    $eosdesk . 2019.04.16 09:58

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  • 2nd place in the Pixum voting! Anchor Coin! A total of 34 million won in commemoration of the listing.


    I'd like to give you some quick information. This is OOO. But I'm a little late to hear from you. There's a service called Pixum that votes for Bithumb Street. You know Anchor Coin who came in second? It was listed in Fouby Korea, and it was worth a total of 34 million won. There's an airdrop show! EVENT1. HT airdrop worth 50,000 won for ANKR deposit! EVENT2. Set the ANKR's daily high! EVENT3. A total of 3,188HT paid to TOPIx users during the event! #Different Information Homepage: White Paper: Telegram: Medium: Twitter:

    $newbijohn . 2019.04.15 16:17

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  • A total of 30 million won airdrops to commemorate the listing of QFORA's local bourse.


    Beauty Fashion Curation Platform Cupora Finally listed on the domestic exchange! I heard that Fouby Korea is worth 30 million won in total. EVNET.1 QUROZ airdrops worth 50,000 won! When buying EVNET.2 QUROZ, 100% payback! #A variety of helpful information 1. Official Room of Telegram: 2. Joining Fouby Korea: 3. Cuphora Airdrop Notice:

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    Graphical IDE 'EOS Studio' that can help you to develop an EOS-based dApp. Provide EOSIO with a range of tools and easy-to-use environments for developing dApp.

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    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.14 23:04

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    Blockchain It is 2019 it is time to allow the EVOLUTION happen. Personally I feel a lot of original users of @steemit that are big dolphins or whales are offering a lot of resistance when it comes to microblogging dapps here in the Steem network. In this times People consume way more that type of content than the long extensive reading one. I am not saying that is not important and something that should keep being shared but we need to go with the times and bring to the table what the People want to watch. I am ready for any backlash that this might bring but I felt I had to say something about it. Let's support more the microblogging dapps in the Steem network and their creators.

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    $eosdesk . 2019.04.14 20:26

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  • Introduction to Scatter Marketplace


    Scatter Marketplace is being unveiled at EOSWorldExpo in San Francisco. In a tweet and a medium, you can check the scanner marketplace demos on your computer and mobile devices at booths such as Mythical Games and dGoods participating in EOSWorldExpo. About the released scanner marketplace - Multi-block chain support starting with EOSIO chain - Multi-standard support: dGoods, Simple Assets, ERC-721 etc. - Ease of building and customizing stores - Log in to a social account without a blockchain account - Mobile-friendly and supported by more than 14 Wallets ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

    $eosdesk . 2019.04.14 16:24

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  • As Cardano rises, Hoskinson begins to dislike Bitcoin.


    Investors have laughed, while others in the project have been socked by the stunning rise of Cardano (ADA) over the past few days. As Cardano (ADA) increased, Hoskinson immediately began criticizing Bitcoin (BTC). When the projects in the Cryptocrity market were in the top 10, the founder immediately started entering Bitcoin. We've seen more than CEO Ripple. When Ripple (XRP) replaced Ethereum (ETH), his comments criticizing the company's BTC CEO on a number of issues were subject to a lot of news. Brad Garlighouse's voice didn't come out this time. This time we see a mistake like Hoskinson and we laugh. Charles Hoskinson interviewed Cardano about his success. Cardano's success in competing against Bitcoin and Ethereum is unique in this respect, based on three areas: The Bitcoin Center for Extremes thought the cryptocurrency coins were permanent until 2013 when the market reached $1 billion. But the main problem is that Bitcoin is visually impaired and deaf. You can't do much with it! This statement is not an open source, but a CEO of Car Dano, not a mine. Projects without mining are unlikely to be declared bonds. And even if the bonds are not issued, non-mineral cryptocurrency coins monopolize some large whales. So by buying passwords, we make other people rich. So the project is an open source and everyone has to be able to participate in production. It is clear that the market has damaged Hoskinson in recent weeks due to increased currency. This statement did not contribute, but it was dangerous.

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    Link for the Tweet where You have to comment with #STEEM , #SBD or $STEEM: It is that time again for the community to gather together to snatch another victory. As I said this was first called to my attention by @d00k13 and he have done a video about it so go follow him and check it out. Also once again @oracle-d and @theycallmedan have been doing a great job spread the word about it and requesting the community for support. Have see more amazing Dtubers creating videos to call everyone out to go and act. So if You want to see more about what is going on You can check it on @dtube because a lot of People are doing their best to promote this as much as Possible. Don't forget, go to Twitter ( ) and leave Your comment, Retweet it asking Your followers to do the same. You can also Resteem this video in here to help this information to get to more People. Let's get a STEEM / USD pair on @bittrex

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.14 10:06

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  • I'm part of the Dtube Forum Team


    I am so happy, excited and honoured to be part of this group of amazing People. Thank You so much for having me. @hauptmann is the mastermind behind all of this amazing event. Now if You haven't yet follow the profile it is the time to do it. Also VERY IMPORTANT all the Steem rewards generated with this video will be transfered to the profile. So if You want to help make this the best event of the Year all You have to do is to UPVOTE and Resteem. That way You will be helping a lot. ♥️ I'm so excited. Please check out our @fundition campaign here:!/

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.13 21:04

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    EOS New York tweeted that the EOS User Agreement (EUA) proposed to replace the EOS Constitution has been passed. You can view the transaction at on the link, and the details of the EUA are as follows in Github in English, Korean and Chinese. EUA Github: ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

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  • New Ricardian Compound and Ricardian Template Toolkit Available


    In Block One, the company says it has added two functions: consistency and transparency. It also revealed that the developer has unveiled the Ricardian Template Toolkit, which can be used as a tool to consistently render and build and test Ricardian contracts. Ricardian Compound Specifications Github: Ricardian Template Toolkit Github: ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

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  • Block One, Introduction to FireWall.X Project to Protect Smart Shocks from Cyber Threats


    As part of EOSIO's #BUILTONEOSIO, EOSIO's developer, Block One, introduced the FireWall.X Project( to protect smart apps from cyber threats. This project is driven by SlowMist, a well-known Chinese blockchain security company, and is introduced as the first dedicated firewall solution for smart contacts. This includes the ability to block malicious accounts and manage black and white lists, which can reduce financial losses for end users. View Details: ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX):

    $eosdesk . 2019.04.12 21:43

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Link coin side (LN)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold cryptocurrency is Linkcoin. ◈ Linkcoin is a virtual currency issued by Line, a subsidiary of Naver. ◈ Link-coin is platform virtualization currency, and by forming their own token-conomi within Link-Coin, all transactions made therein use of the link. 〇 User compensation concept: how links are paid using a specific service in the line. ◈ ICO is not in place, and I will maintain a value of about $5." →However, the promise was broken less than a day after the link coin began to unravel in Bitbox. ◈ Basically, line subsidiaries that serve Dapp in link-chain will participate as nodes, and other third-party participation will be considered later. Advantage: There are Dapps that started with ◈ link coins and many Dapps are going to be released soon. → 4CAST: Future Prediction System Using Group Intelligence (What?) → Wizzball: Q&A Platform (Naver-like..?) → Other product reviews, food reviews, and local reviews are scheduled to be released. Naver, Line, is a business that is already promoted by a successful company. Disadvantages: The development team is not known. I've been told that I'm patting the $5 value, but I don't really trust it because I haven't been able to keep it for a day. ◈ Node is centralized in that it consists only of companies within Linkchain. I can't hear anything... "Mr. Being alive?" Basic Information: 〇 Total issue volume: 1 billion Key words: Naver, Line, Platform, Tokenomi Reference: http://blog

    $ohyea . 2019.04.12 21:05

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  • Appics is leaving the STEEM Blockchain?

    Blockchain Ohhh the drama is real

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.12 09:56

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Room Network Side (Loom)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold encryption is room network. ◈ Loom Network, like other platform projects that advocate blockchain 3.0, is a project to overcome the limits of scalability that Idol has. →Differential-based dApps have a problem with reduced transaction rates and poor utilization as users increase. ◈ Loom Network aims to operate a technology called Sidechain to ease the overload of main chains and facilitate the deployment of large-scale apps. ◈ Room tokens can be used to purchase memberships for all DApps that run within a room network, and are used as an economic tokens used to use Loom SDK and distribute Dapps. Advantage: ◈ Sidechain technology: By constructing separate blockchain with different rules from main blockchain, important information can be stored in Idririum main block and relatively less important information can be stored in sidechain to increase scalability more efficiently. 〇 Introduction of plasma technology: technology to improve the scalability of etherium, which reduces block size and minimizes fees by synchronizing only the minimum data required for verification. ◈ Behavior → Unlike other co-workers, room networks do not have white papers. Instead, it has the slogan "We'll show you the product, not the writing," and it's already commercializing some of the DApps and producing results. e.g. CryptoZombies, Delegateecall, EthFiddle Vitalic Bouterin, the founder of Iderium, is one of the coins that interest him. →The other cohorts that Vitalic is interested in are Omisego and Khybernetwork. Ditch: So far, I don't see any big drawbacks. Basic Information: 〇 Total issue: 1,000,000,000,000 〇 Market capitalization: 53,776,477,080 won (based on 4.11.2019) Key words: extensibility, sideline, action than words Reference:

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  • "700,000 résumés on the blockchain...The freelance job search service "Moonlighting" is being decked out.


    Here's the news for EOS DAPP transition on the freelance purchase website, Moonlighting. The investment round led by EOS VC Finlab AG funds has raised $5 million, which is used to integrate Moonlighting's user base with Ios Blockchain. ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information.

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  • EOS LABS의 UAL Github


    EOSIO 개발자 커뮤니티와 다른 업계의 협력적인 발전을 위한 오픈 혁신 모델 EOS LABS의 UAL(Universal Authenticator Library) Github입니다. 블록원 미디엄에서 밝힌대로 블록원의 독점 지갑 공개가 아니라 소프트웨어 오픈소스를 공유하여 커뮤니티 개발자들을 지원해주게 됩니다. ※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다.

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