EOS-based music platform EMANATE, near release of alpha version

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$eosdesk . 2019.03.14 14:49
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EOS-based music platform EMANATE has tweeted that Alpha Version is on the horizon. A number of projects are being built on EOS Mainnet in various areas except gmbling. EMANATE introduces immediate payment, smart collaboration, high-quality audio and more than 50 top artists have already expressed their willingness to participate.

EMANATE Twitter Link: 링크

※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content does not provide any guarantee for the utilization of the platform or related investment in addition to providing EOS-related information.

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      DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO START EARNING WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: https://partiko.app/referral/sergiomendes Today was a very long day that started at 5 AM in the morning and it is still going at 1 AM. Got some funny episode happening straight away while I was still in London.  Then a safe and sound journey to Barcelona.  Met @hauptmann for the first time and behaved like a fangirl. (embarrassing myself of course) Checked in at my hostel and walked around. It was a long but fun day. Tomorrow will be meeting @greencross and @tibfox Get together with @artakush again after meeting him in London a while back. I am excited with the @dtube.forum it is being amazing and haven't even officially started yet 😁

      $sergiomendes . 2019.05.25 08:59

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    • The picture is a short clip. It's just a brav browser + a BAT coin-related jumble.


      1. I've been promoting Brave's browser for nearly half a year, and in fact, I have little income. 2. No more tipping people. Full zero convergence. 3. In a way, of course, what's left of it? There's nothing left for the person who's bothering you and gives you tips. Would you like to do it? 4. I hear you're testing the ability to tip a tweet. Well... Will Twitter be the last thing I can do on my homepage? 5. However, I registered as a Publisher just in case. I feel so sensitive about people 6. It's the few blockchain flocks that keep the road map steady and keep the schedule well. So you can't hate it. 7. The only hope is that Brave ads are now launched in the U.S. When will Korea be held? 8. I was using IFTT to post automatically on Twitter, and I hope the users I saw there also use the Braves browser. Of course, it would be better if you could install it as my regular link. #ricohgxr #ricoghcamera #infredphotography #infrared #infrared #infrared #infrared #red외선 #irconvergedcamera #irconversion #赤外写真

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    • Kakao to Begin Building a Non-App Ecosystem for Clayton


      Ground X, Kakao's blockchain technology subsidiary, will host Clayton Horizon, a contest to develop non-apps worth 1.2 billion won (1.2 million U.S. dollars). Applications that are serviced on the Clayton mainnet use the term "BApp" instead of "dupp," which means a blockchain-based application that focuses on actual use in the industry rather than a decoupled application. Clayton Horizons is 1 Is it a service that can give you differentiated value with blockchain technology? 2 Is it really what users need in real life? 3 Ensure that UX is well-applied for ease of use This is the three-point evaluation, and the prize money for each team in TIER 1 to TIER 3 is 1.2 billion won. One interesting thing about this is that the prize is paid in KLAYTON. There has been a lot of controversy over whether Clayton's KLAYTON will be used as a public toner that will be listed on the exchange and traded in the form of a private+consolidated token that will not be traded in the market and the use of non-app service tokens, which can be inferred from the fact that KLAYTON will also be traded in the market. Clayton Horizons should develop non-apps using Clayton, a blockchain platform on Ground X, 2nd of the latest blockchain application development contest, and 3rd of the competition, because of the fact that if selected as a partner, it will be able to join the Clayton ecosystem, which will attract a lot of popularity from the blockchain application developers. Clayton's goal to achieve mass response of blockchain is once again clearly identified by creating application development and actual use cases in a wide variety of existing industries, such as content, entertainment, health care, finance, commerce, and lifestyle, rather than ideological areas represented by decentralization. Looking at the timeline schedule, since the final winners of Clayton Horizon will be announced on September 30, 2019, I think we will be able to actually use Clayton Blockchain-based non-app services between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Due to Clayton in the second half of this year, the domestic krypton scene will be quite noisy.^^

      $done . 2019.05.24 15:15

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    • 2019 EOSIO BP & Tech Summit


      TULIP 2019에서 'EOSIO BP & Tech Summit'이 작년에 이어 올해에도 6월 7일 샌프란시스코에서 개최됩니다. EOSIO 1주년 기념 파티로 개최되는 이번 서밋은 다양한 BP. 커뮤니티 회원 및 dApp 팀들의 참가로 이루어지며 다음과 같이 세부 행사 일정 등이 공개되어 있습니다. https://www.tulipconf.com/events/2019/6/6/eos-block-producers-summit ※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange(CHEX) : https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.24 14:18

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    • Block One, EOS Explorer Launch


      Block One has launched a new Web-based graphical user interface, EOS Explorer, through EOSIO Labs that improves developer experience in EOSIO-based applications and network interaction and monitoring. EOS Explorer enables developers to develop EOSIO apps faster and easier access to smart contact development. https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-labs-release-the-eosio-explorer-d0647dad63fe ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.24 12:39

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    • [TRYBE] TRYBE Renewals and Staging


      Hello, this is @knight4sky, $silverknight. The TRYBE homepage has been changed. (https://trybe.one/) TRYBE is a different community, similar to the EOS-based stepmit. You can see what you're trying to do by looking at the below. I usually communicate information rather than chat. (Photo 1) If you're a professional writer, you might want to use this place as well. Actually, the reason why I am writing now is because of the Staking of TRYBE token. On the previous homepage, you didn't respond by pressing Staging. Will this new homepage be Staking? I haven't done a test yet, so I'll just take a screenshot. I've tried it before, so it's not that difficult to locate, but it's not this time, is it? Haha Let's log in. (Photo 2) This is either an EOS site or a regular login. For your information, your EOS account may be linked to your account in your setup. I like sites that separate logins like this from EOS accounts. It's convenient for general users. (Photo 3) Press Wallet from the above menu. (Photo 4) Then you can enter your wallet like this and press double-staging. (Photo 5) There are currently two types of Staking: 90 days and 180 days. It's almost a power down period for Steem. (Photo 6) I'll only do 1,000 for the test. ᄒᄒ (Photo 7) Once complete, you will see the number of steaks shown below. It's a 10% bonus at the end of the period. (Photo 8) If you've been tied up for 90 days and then suddenly your token goes up, you're missing a sales opportunity, right? Steam power up of steam is the biggest cause of hesitation. So I'll just do an unsteering right away. We'll have to wait until the bonus is received. (Photo 9) (Photo 10) Hmm... it remains in the state of steak. Unstacked period is not mentioned on the homepage. We'll have to wait and see for a few more days. ------------------------------------------------------- This is TRYBE's steak and unpack. The undisturbed stockings have not been confirmed, so please bear with it except for the one you want to keep I think it's a little bit too much to tie me up for another 10%. I'll be back in 3 days like EOS, so I'll correct the posting when I get back. I was going to ask you to use TRYBE's steak a lot if it's done well, but the mood ended strangely... Haha Thank you for reading it.

      $silverknight . 2019.05.24 09:14

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    • Do You prefer Longer or shorter ones?


      DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO START EARNING WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: https://partiko.app/referral/sergiomendes It is time to talk about it and come clean. I need to know what do You prefer? What do You enjoy more? What gives You more pleasure? Do You prefer Longer or shorter vlogs?

      $sergiomendes . 2019.05.24 06:15

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    • Greymass New Wallet System "Anchor" Beta Disclosure


      The Grammys team unveiled the beta version of the new platform "Anchor," which improves UX and interfaces such as governance, Wallet, and Dap services. This product is completely new, unlike Wallet, which has been produced by the Grammys team, and is now available in version 0.9.0. https://blog.greymass.com/eos/@greymass/the-future-of-the-greymass-wallet-beta-version-available-now ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.23 14:20

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    • Michael Novogratz, tweet me you're still a block-one shareholder.


      In a tweet about Block One's recent purchase of shares owned by Galaxy Digital, Michael Novaratz said the company still owns Block One. Galaxy Digital is still a block-one shareholder, EOS token giant Holder and says it strongly believes in the leadership of Brendan Blummer and Dan Larimer. We're also very excited about the June announcement and say we've reaped profits to realign our portfolio. https://twitter.com/novogratz/status/1131404081183039488?s=12 ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.23 14:17

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    • Bitcoin Dominance, when is Alt's progress?


      It's very sunny from morning today. Since I started investing in Coin, it's become a habit to log in as an uplink as soon as I wake up and find out the price of the cryptocurrency. But I haven't seen Coin's price for the last few days. There's no change in price. Bitcoin has been walking without any particular direction for days. Bitcoin has gone up a lot, so it's a little bit of a break. Bitcoin resting is a long-term "storage" of energy. In fact, when we climb a high hill, we can't climb it all at once. You need power to climb to the top of the mountain. If you don't have enough strength, you should rest in the middle If you take a rest often, you'll be able to rejuvenate yourself and go up a lot more. I think it's more important to climb slowly but steadily than to be excited about the atmosphere and then straighten out again. If you look at it in a big way, it would be right to say that Bitcoin is going up. If you look at the bitcoin graph in a larger picture, you'll see the rise of bitcoin. The Bitcoin movement that we're interested in is likely to remain unchanged in the long-term "right-leaning" after all. How about Ios? Recently, it seems to have a weaker lift than bitcoin. But this isn't just about Ios. Bitcoin's rise is clearly identified, and as Bitcoin's lateral drift accelerates, there will be more opportunities for Ios to rise. You can expect some sort of "each advance" in the art. Bitcoin dominancy is quite high now. What's shown in the picture above is the share of each coin. And you can see that bitcoin's share has increased considerably. Bitcoin dominance can't go up like a horse. There will be adjustments soon. There's some adjustments now. Alt's progress is gradually beginning. This time of bitcoin dominion is going to be when the Alt is going to make progress. It's not that far away. You'll see it in a little while.

      $eunsik . 2019.05.23 10:00

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    • #EOS Alliance Korea Zoomcall


      [ EOS 얼라이언스 코리아 공지 ] 얼라이언스 코리아 그룹 t.me/eosalliancekr zoom link 매주 수요일 PM09:00(UTC+9) (Beijing Time PM 08:00) https://zoom.us/j/559807625 22.May(5月22日) #2019#21번째 Alliance zoomcall PM 09:00 Start Topic - EOS Alliance Korea Bagde 관련 Vingle app팀 참여줌콜 참여하여 배지운연 방안과 활용에 대한의견 공유시간! (배지 종류,특징,권한,책임,....등등) -EOS Inflation 에 대해서 어떻게 생각을 하세요!! Alliance Korea Badge관련👇 ⭐️ 얼라이언스 코리아 멤버쉽⭐️ EOS Alliance Korea 멤버 배지 발급자격 권한을 받기 위한 멤버정보 설문지입니다. (이메일과 텔레그램 아이디 확인용) 아래 링크에서 꼭 작성 & 제출 부탁드려요~ Please submit your information to verify your membership via the link below. To claim your membership badge, you must submit the required information beforehand. 1. Telegeam ID(텔레그램 ID) 2. email(이메일) https://goo.gl/forms/LbB2UFu6rEezv9rv1 얼라이언스 유투브 공개채널 [매주 줌콜 영상 공개 채널입니다] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4BNZt3Szx_ePYm8_9Qus4A #Remember #me #maxmaxmaxmac #😉🦄

      $maxmax . 2019.05.22 20:07

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    • EOS crisis and who is next?


      Hello. The title may seem a bit repulsive, or rather a caricature title, but... Actually, I've been thinking about it lately. It's kind of like a feeling. But that didn't change the portfolio I have. I'm still feeling it. We'll need more analysis, so we need to look at the entire blockchain from a development perspective. I was writing this because I thought I might be able to do this. The crisis I see is... EOS has not yet been able to add mass. The reason is because there is no killer app, the block chain is not yet It's not known to the general public... for a number of internal and external reasons, but the conclusion is...That's the situation. [Number of users in EOS blockchain from a service point of view] https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/eos If you go to , there are just over 10,000 DAU (Daily Active Users) of Dapp, which is currently ranked 1st. Of course, EOS accounts. The number is hundreds of thousands, and it's growing, but not all of these people are using Dapp, so it's not the number of EOS accounts. There may be a logical leap to measure the activation of the blockchain. In fact, the first generation of Bitcoin, the second generation of Etherium, and the EOS that we call the third generation came out last year, and now we're going to celebrate the first anniversary. It's ahead, but it doesn't show any explosive power yet. Of course, technically, it's not the speed of transaction. Or the excellence of the platform itself has been extraordinary since it came out, but it hasn't been popularized yet. It may be premature, but in a year, something new comes out, or something that EOS was working on when it launched last year. It's a time when we can come out, and in that sense, we feel a sense of crisis. In fact, the blockchain itself is so difficult that it is true that there are permits, in that sense very early, very early. It would be too much to discuss the DAU, but... On the contrary, if it's been a year since launch, it's clear that it's time to check the direction. [EOS from a Development Point of View] https://www.cryptomiso.com/months_3.html If you go here, you can see the development of EOS. Detailed roadmaps and functions should be viewed directly on Github, but in some numerical terms, This is a place that indirectly shows the status of development of the source code that is being developed and the number of commit that is shared with others. (commit) A request to develop a source code and share it with other developers?You can say that, or you can write a document, and you can write a document, and you can edit it, or you can write a piece of it. In fact, there are meaningless commits and full requests to collect them.It's hard to count simply by number, but other projects are similar. I'll tell you, assuming you have a loophole. Based on the commit count in the last 3 months... 55 commit and over 100 developers were active. So the overall ranking was 106th. First place was AELF with 2,433 commits and 29 developers. Etherium was 40th. If you change the bar to the last year, INS and EOS were ranked at No. 18. If you look at the trend, it's likely that EOS is in a stable stage. But if you look at the representative android platform of open source, you can see that the number of commits has been steady since they were created, and that compared to the steady change, you can see that there's a lot of stability, while less new things are being made.Etherium was 43rd, and we know Bitcoin was 22nd. [Finishing] Looking at the figures for this commit, I don't think it's just the feeling I felt. Of course... Considering the quality of its commit, and also the separation of the smart contact from the EOS...It could be a piecemeal idea. However, from a road map perspective, we need a new change, and in that sense, we're looking forward to the June 1 event in Washington. We can, but the event on June 1 is more than just an expectation, and it's a very important time to see what's ahead. I think even Steem, who didn't think there was much change, ranked 53rd. The development commit has no choice but to lag behind the business roadmap, and in that sense, the June event is all the more awaited. And the opposite is true. It's not that the project's going to be successful just because it's working hard, it's going to need to be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. I'm a developer, so I looked at this from the developer's point of view. But, as we saw in last year's launch, EOS has the ability of great developers to develop very quickly, and we look forward to it. * CAUTION: As the number of Commit is considered only by the number of Commit, the quality of commit has not been reviewed and the number of commit does not represent the excellence of the project.

      $awesometeddy . 2019.05.22 10:32

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    • #New encounter # challenge #


      #New #Meet you #Hanbitco #blockchain #TOOKTOOK #PUBLYTO # Philsoogut

      $maxmax . 2019.05.21 23:55

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    • Tokenpocket, EOS account registration by email and phone number (creation)


      Tokenpocket supports EOS account registration (creation) with email and phone numbers. Tokenpocket's email / phone number Wallet is a basic account creation method that allows EOS accounts to be registered and used in e-mail and phone numbers without a private key, which eliminates entry barriers for most users who are unfamiliar with EOS blockchain and EOS accounts, and solves problems such as hacking attacks due to the loss of private keys. https://medium.com/@tokenpocket.gm/register-an-eos-account-with-the-email-phone-number-430c1ffee5ae ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.21 13:22

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    • EOS Nation, Proxy OperationsBP Rewards to Proxy Holder


      EOS Nation, an EOS BP, came up with the idea of rewriting the rewards of BP running the EOS proxy to proxy holders. EOS Nation suggested that if they were to operate the proxy, they would present a reward model for distributing their BP rewards to users who voted on their operational proxy, and that the community would need to discuss this. https://medium.com/@eosnationbp/proxy-as-a-service-4b62c628648e ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.20 20:42

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    • Start private beta testing at the end of the day before the release of Ebridia 2.0


      Averyfidia is in the final stages of releasing a 2.0 version of the UX/UI that has significantly changed. The current media release of information on the new site says it has begun a 2.0 version of the private beta testing. https://medium.com/@Everipedia/everipedia-2-0-enters-final-stage-of-private-beta-testing-5452086b7379 ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

      $eosdesk . 2019.05.20 20:35

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    • Search tool for data related to publyto 컨트act


      https://thedapp.net We're creating a private action search tool for publyto. I have a lot of things to supplement and I'm still working on. I think we can use it as an assistant until we have a more comfortable search environment. This method receives action data from publytoken11 through dfuse.io and stores it in a separate DB and retrieves it. * Current data receiving process requires more error case collection and processing. If you don't see the latest data, please comment on this article or talk to me from the Telegram group. Other suggestions, advice. *** Search eos accounts, publishing accounts. Exclude $$ from the Publico account and enter it. * Searching for a single account Test1 * Search multiple accounts test1 test2 Supports multiple, space-separated accounts scans. * Searching for associated accounts test & test2 Supports related data retrieval between two accounts separated by & From test1 to test2 From test2 to test1 Show results that either of them is satisfied.

      $teo . 2019.05.20 13:52

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    • Kakaotalk's consortium blockchain Clayton, June 27, Mainnet launch?


      Clayton, who launched the private test net in October, announced that it will be launched on June 27 after going through the public test net. According to the article, Clayton's mainnet launch date was not officially announced by Kakao or GroundX, but was obtained from multiple corporate sources working with GroundX to develop blockchain-based services. Kakao has abandoned some of its decentralization to discover popular services based on blockchain and is trying to find the interface between decoupling and centralization. Clayton also said that it would not be an open public network for anyone to create and validate blocks, but rather a consortium network in which partners would be responsible for creating and verifying blocks. So the applications that are serviced on Clayton mainnet are referred to as "BApp" instead of "DApp," which means "decentralized" applications. It is called Blockchain Application rather than Decimalized Application, and instead of giving up the "decentralization" feature to some extent, it can be interpreted to mean that it will focus on what is actually widely used in the industry. Clayton's Internet Service Partner (ISP) has been unveiled to date, with 26 companies including Content Protocol, Bora, Fiction Network, Wemade Tree, Inshrium, Humanscape, Cariprotocol, Sixnet, Cosmoschel and Airblock Protocol, and they have signed a three-month contract to launch Clayton's mainnet at GroundX. Kakao plans to introduce some ISPs' services at the same time that Clayton Mainnet is released, while applying blockchain technology to its major services. Currently, games, KakaoPay, KakaoPage and others are considered the most popular services, and it will be interesting to see which one will be the first to reach the public. Personally, I think service operators need to get out of the "decentralization specter" for the end of the day for the mass Because the benefits of blockchain technology are not necessarily decentralization. So I'm looking forward to seeing how Clayton-based non-apps, who boldly shed the specter of decentralization, will approach the masses who don't know blockchain technology.

      $done . 2019.05.20 09:15

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    • The adjustment of Bitcoin... what happens to Ios?


      Bitcoin has recently been adjusted, and the market price of the Steam has dropped a bit. In this situation, people who were excited about it might be confused and intimidated. Since Bitcoin is the owner of a large company, the market believes that it is inevitable for Bitcoin to be coupled. Coupling with pitcoins doesn't have to be too much of a lot Bitcoin will go up a year ahead of halving mining. That's what a lot of people see, and the positive view of the market lately is that not only individuals but also institutional investors are actively investing in bitcoin, it's going to have a very good effect on the market. I think yesterday's bitcoin fall was actually a planned adjustment. Bitcoin has been running for the last few weeks with little time to rest. It was a bit unusual to run like this. So, of course, you can assume that the adjustment came at a time when the adjustment was expected. After a healthy adjustment, it's going to go up big again. It's also something that many people expect. A bitcoin increase won't make all the coins. There's going to be some sort of culling or screening. You'll notice the difference between the rising and the non-cl I believe at least Ios is on the ascending side. Ios has the strength of a coin that is actually used in everyday life. It boasts a huge transaction, and Ios has expectations for June. I've been interested in social adaptations for a long time. The identity cards and social adaptations that will be announced in Block One are expected to greatly expand the ecosystem of Ios. A lot of social adaptations are already working in the IOS. But the most fundamental problem continues. The number of users is absolutely insufficient. Block One was seriously thinking about paying "basic income." Anyone will try to create an account if their identity card guarantees a certain amount of income, even if they own an IOS account. Then there's a chance that IOS users will explode. And Block One's Social Dab is Dan Larimer, who has a history of developing Steam-it, and you can expect it to be quite remarkable. It means that users can form a powerful community through social adaptations. If this happens, Ios will be creating a powerful ally. We're going to be able to attract more and more developers, and we're going to be able to get a head start in the future against dinosaur platforms like Etherium. In the case of Ios, the latest price has slowed down due to the bitcoin decline, but it has stayed well above the 6,000 won mark, which was long planned to stay last year. This could mean that Ios had expectations for June, and that he had a solid base of support because he already had so many adaptations. Many people remember the experience of Io's explosive rise ahead of the mainnet opening last May. This experience will serve as a "trama." There has been a sharp rise, but then there has been a sharp drop, so the "study effect" will probably work and won't be able to explode in May. It's synchronized with Bitcoin and it's moving. However, if the new upgrade announced in June substantially improves the performance of Ios, and if the identity authentication tag is active and working, and Myos subscribers as a social adaptor, which has been cited as one of the chronic ills, Ios is more likely to move up step by step based on performance.

      $eunsik . 2019.05.18 07:23

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    • Ioskrom Mitzup Post


      Hello, #Mituphugi. I went to Ios Chrome Munchup yesterday. I've added a picture of Pfiti and a summary of the contents, so it'd be nice to keep in mind. Ioschrome is like a hard-fork concept with bitcoin cache It's hard-forked from Ios to Ioskrom. Then, what is the difference from the existing eos?!I'm sure you're wondering, Ios' 21 bp votes have the downside of centralization, as the company that has a lot of Ios in the past continues to vote for itself. But Ios Chrome manages these bp votes in the form of decentralization, renewed from 5 bp to 51 bp. I don't know how to decouple myself. I don't know how to do it.I am very interested to hear that Ios Chrome is working on a project with public organizations such as the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, the Korea Racing Authority, and the Court. 하 I hope that the Smart City of Seoul will join hands and lead the Ios ecosystem!

      $setinoby . 2019.05.17 17:38

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    • EOSIO™ 소프트웨어 출시 : Native SDKs for Swift and Java


      EOSIO™에서 최고의 모바일을 활용할 수 있도록 새로운 오픈 소스 도구를 제공해주는 스위프트 용 SDK와 자바 용 SDK가 출시되었습니다. 이에 대해 사이퍼글래스의 Rob Finch는 9백만 스위프트와 자바 개발자들이 새로운 프로그래밍을 익힐 필요없이 EOS 위에서 구축할 수 있게 된것을 환영한다고 밝혔습니다. https://twitter.com/finchify/status/1129228126750478342 https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-software-release-native-sdks-for-swift-and-java-e6086ddd37b8 ※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange(CHEX) : https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • Parsl May Rewarddrop Survey


      The survey for Parsl May Reward Dropdmf is active and the survey period is about 10 days away from now. https://parslreward.co ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • EOS Will Scale Bitcoin


      에브리피디아 공동창립자 샘 카제미안이 미디엄을 통해 BTC 트랜잭션이 EOS 메인넷에서 진행될 가능성에 대해 언급했습니다. 비트코인의 미래를 위해 진행중인 라이트닝 네트워크와 사이드체인 개발과 관련하여 Everipedia / IQ 팀 역시 EOSBTC 확장성 솔루션을 구현하기 위해 적극 노력하고 있음을 밝혔습니다. 더불어 EOS 메인넷은 처리량을 높이는 가장 좋은 솔루션 일뿐만 아니라 가장 기능이 풍부한 확장성 솔루션이며, 수 개월 내 수십억 달러 상당의 BTC 거래가 EOS 메인넷에 이루어져도 놀라지 말것을 당부했습니다. https://medium.com/@persianzuck/eos-will-scale-bitcoin-22268914bde8 ※ 출처 : 한국 EOS 뉴스 채널 - EOSDESK.IO. 본 콘텐츠는 EOS 관련 정보 제공 외 플랫폼 활용 및 관련 투자 등에 대한 어떠한 보장도 하지 않습니다. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange(CHEX) : https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • It's been a year and a long time since we started talking about EOS.


      It's been a while since I wrote. I think I'll write in a comfortable I think it's time to enjoy the season. I'm working hard on the renewal of a coffee website, so I'm going to spend my days relaxing and sighing. I also went to media day to cover Blue Bottle that was launched in Korea. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of people around Kramer's house. a year already Anyway, there have been so many waves. Short-term investors would have had a very difficult time, and I couldn't have been comfortable with people like myself who really looked at it for a long time. It was not just about the price, but about the rewards for BP in the $2 price range, and I think I was more worried about the minor BPs that were doing the job. But they've all survived the bearish run, and services are exploding. It's actually the main net built by the pure community, so it was only a year ago that we had to make a single ball of voting fund, and that's just this time. ^^ After the mainnet, the rate of power generation is rising almost in the form of log scale. A lot of block-explors have sprung up, and a lot of solutions based on the MSIG have been proposed and applied by BP, with the creation of a repertory tool, and the introduction of EUA to speed governance. The 4% inflation incineration that had been built up was rapid, and the debate is now beginning on how to adjust the rate of inflation and apply it to investor interests. trial and error correction In retrospect, it's been a long journey, and there's been a lot of trial and error. The direction of the initial setup of the EOS protocol was an ideal beautiful thing to look back on now: investors' BP vote, low Leopard turnout, ECAF, real-world issues with DAPP's EOS resource use. However, the collision caused a number of variables and prompted the need to change the protocol settings at the base layer associated with the chain code. Although there are centralization stories about BP, the EUA proposal was issued by genuine BP, and the chain's players, BP, investors, etc., are moving in the right direction for the development of the chain in accordance with the game theory. What's changed in just two months through the EUA is incredible. WPS 4% reduction in reserves, REX on-the-shelf grafts, changes quickly by sharing issues that have a profound impact on the ecosystem. These are things that can never be done easily in other chains. This is known and shared by BP and other EOS communities around the world. In the future, there will be faster changes. However, there can be clearly a wrong proposition. That's when the community needs to get their ideas out of the picture. Because that's the core of the DPOS system. Whether you're an investor or not, watching EOS change is definitely going to help. EOS Mainnet is the largest governance community in the world where people from different cultures are gathering their opinions. finally moving block circle Even when launching the EOS mainnet, the block circle did not move much. He does, too, because Block One is an EOSIO developer, not the subject of the EOS mainnet. But now the block circle has started to move. In the meantime, Block One is a very distant policy when it comes to the EOS mainnet, because it wanted to avoid "the phenomenon of the community having centralized power due to expectations placed on Block One." Now it's time for Block One to announce its products as an EOSIO-related dap developer who must somehow connect to the EOS mainnet. Block One has been invested in various companies. You know, Petertil, you know, you know, you've attracted equity investments in block sources, and you've invested in block sources, not in EOS mainnet, but in block sources that develop EOSIO. An investment in block one is the same as an investment in the value of a company that Block One develops and services will create. Block One is now an EOSIO-based software or DAPP service developer that needs to make the product a success for investors, even if they want to increase their profits. Dan once said that he would do a level of marketing that he didn't see in the blockchain industry. But it's not about the EOS mainnet, it's going to be about marketing the DAPP they're going to make. And that DAPP will eventually be a project that will increase the value of the EOS mainnet. This is very important. Block One will upload its own adapter on the EOS mainnet, or on the EOSIO side chain, and show you the part about how large-scale daps, whether connected to the EOS mainnet or in any way, use block chains in any way. With all the blockchain developers focused on creating the mainnet, not just on the tap, Block One was able to focus on building the mainnet, leaving it to the community, and being able to get on top of it. June 1st may be announced directly or a road map may be unveiled, but I think it will be a day to see what they call the beginning of an enterprise-class tag. Perhaps the above paragraph is hard to understand for those of you who don't understand the relationship between EOS mainnet and Block One, but Block One is cleverly taking the approach for EOS mainnet from its location. EOS Before and After June "We're on a sinking ship now, and without knowing that, it seems like only here is a party atmosphere." At last December's meeting, some people asked me this question. It could be a sinking ship, but if it survives without sinking, it will be EOS. I don't know if he's reading this right now, but during that time, EOS has made tremendous improvements and improvements, as I said earlier. Of course, it's a long way to go, but it's a quiet one amidst the roughness of the route. The June event for Block One should be different from the previous N company rumors (a heaping created by the speculators' rumors) and the FOMO, which was inflated by excessive expectations just before the launch of the mainnet launch. We've had a lot of experience, and I think we've had enough time to see the essence between bubbles. Block One's June 1 announcement shouldn't trigger an FOMO of "Collaboration with Apple and so on" and be exploited by speculators to profit from the market. It is much more desirable for Block One to inwardly enjoy watching at the company's presentation level to develop its business based on EOSIO and discuss what economic and engineering dynamics it will have with EOS Mainnet. I hope to see you for a long time. I hope you'll always be the Coriors who can see you for a long time because you're in real life. Time may be faster or more than you might expect, but I think EOS will go very far and high. I'd like to make my personal predictions so that I won't be the FOMO for the month of June. The planned time was about three hours, and I and a lot of EOS Influents, BP, were invited to the event. Given the size of the main hall, we expect it to be a party in the form of a new product presentation. * Release of Block One Family: Although it is expected that MEOS information, which is assumed to be SNS services, Dan's comments suggest that detailed information of each product will be released sequentially according to actual release. * Block One VC and Partner Companies and Projects Disclosure: Personally, we see great potential. There are still unusually quiet teams among the teams that have announced their existing EOS-based products. The same goes for ZimbraX and also for recent SNS services such as Tapatalk. And there's a good chance that many of the projects invested by EOS VCs, especially the Galaxy Digital joint EOS VCs in Novograz, will be brought together and made public. If so, I'm curious about the part about GOOD MONEY, an EOS-based bank. * Readers Sidechain Disclosure: This is in fact relevant to the reader's dab presentation, but there is a possibility that Block One may launch a sidechain to turn its own. In fact, it's highly likely that BP invited them to fill in, but the fact that they've been invited by a large number of BPs can infer the possibility that there's a block-one project that they need to know about. * New Investment Announcement: It's always been done. * Partnership Announcement: This is a block-one event that is not related to the EOS mainnet, so there is no big expectation.

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    • Bainans Munchup Seoul, Gangnam Cafe Decentre


      Bynes Munchup Seoul It's real-time. It starts with a soft food and drink offering. #binance #bnb #decentre #blockchain

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    • ITAM Games White Paper & Surprise


      The official white paper and the top of the story has been released. The goals, products, secretary, token economy, and more are presented in Korean and English versions. White Paper (KOR): https://itam.games/assets/download/ITAM+Games+Whitepaper_1.01_kor.pdf KOR: https://itam.games/assets/download/ITAM+Games+ExeSummary_1.01_kor.pdf White Paper (ENG) : https://itam.games/assets/download/ITAM+Games+Whitepaper_1.01_eng.pdf ENG: https://itam.games/assets/download/ITAM+Games+ExeSummary_1.01_eng.pdf ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • EOS-based token swap site YOLO Beta open


      YOLO, a service that swaps EOS-based tokens at current prices in a similar form to the VANK service, launched the beta service. You can proceed to the token each other in real time swap, using a seukaeteo. Currently, there are five types of token exchangeable, including IQ. https://yoloswap.com/ ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • Dan Larimer, this EOSIO network code is showing significant performance improvements.


      Dan Larimer tweeted that the EOSIO network code represents three times the performance improvement on a large test net. He added that he was grateful for the daily progress made by countless developers in Block One. ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • REX Phishing Inducing Caution


      Please be aware that your Rexchanger account is continuing a large transfer that induces phishing with notes containing the REX phishing site address and more. https://bloks.io/account/Rexexchanger ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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    • EOS Authority, Disclosure of Explorer to Manage All Chains Based on EOS


      OS Authority has released an Explorer that manages all EOS-based chains. The Explorer is designed to manage EOSIO-based chains in a single location, and it retrieves and outputs information from various chains related to a single key. https://eosauthority.com/dashboard ※ Source: Korea EOS 뉴스 Channel - EOSDESK.IO. This content provides no guarantees for platform utilization and related investment other than EOS-related information. ※ Chintai Token Leasing Exchange (CHEX): https://chintai.io?ref=koreosmedeos

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