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  • [PUBSTY]Charcoal-buried chicken galbi in fondue

    Tasty Road

    #Charcoal-buried chicken galbi #Gasan Digital Complex Area 1 Exit 1 HelloI ate charcoal-grilled chicken ribs at the dinner. When I dip chicken ribs in the hot cheese and fondue, I felt the fatigue of the day faded away. You'll know this taste only if you experience it for yourself. The picture in the center left is a cut with chicken ribs and beef ribs. I ate fried rice when my stomach was almost full, but it tastes slim and plain!Do you know that? It was very delicious. It was very cold.^^~

    $setinoby . 2019.05.23 21:29

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  • Ioskrom Mitzup Post


    Hello, #Mituphugi. I went to Ios Chrome Munchup yesterday. I've added a picture of Pfiti and a summary of the contents, so it'd be nice to keep in mind. Ioschrome is like a hard-fork concept with bitcoin cache It's hard-forked from Ios to Ioskrom. Then, what is the difference from the existing eos?!I'm sure you're wondering, Ios' 21 bp votes have the downside of centralization, as the company that has a lot of Ios in the past continues to vote for itself. But Ios Chrome manages these bp votes in the form of decentralization, renewed from 5 bp to 51 bp. I don't know how to decouple myself. I don't know how to do it.I am very interested to hear that Ios Chrome is working on a project with public organizations such as the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, the Korea Racing Authority, and the Court. 하 I hope that the Smart City of Seoul will join hands and lead the Ios ecosystem!

    $setinoby . 2019.05.17 17:38

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  • [singpub]Call by Universe


    I've made it a Publicist's event.^^~

    $setinoby . 2019.05.11 20:07

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  • [PUBSTY] Bull Charcoal Madang Gommeo!

    Tasty Road

    # Bull charred yard # eel # I'm here to eat gummy eels after work at the company Dongtae jjigae is a service! I recommend it because it is a delicious house!

    $setinoby . 2019.05.10 21:21

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  • [PUBSTY] 길거리 _ ~ 수 ~ 국 [ 잔 ] 집 맛

    Tasty Road

    #Minjee #Dangguksu #On my way home, I stopped by the cart and ate the noodles for the first time. She gave me a lot with the story of "You must be hungry, but you eat a lot." This is a picture after eating more than 10 chopsticks because I was really hungry. It was a bit salty, but it was delicious.

    $setinoby . 2019.05.09 22:23

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  • [PUBSTY] Youngduk's 2nd restaurant! Yeongdeok Fisheries Market!

    Tasty Road

    #Yeongdeokdaegeo #Tasteful Honey. Hello, I went to Youngduk and ate Youngduk daege. I ate Youngduk Daegee for 120,000 won. It costs over 200,000 won in Seoul to eat this size of Korean-made crabs. I had a good meal. You have to come to Youngduk Fisheries Market and buy some time.^^~!

    $setinoby . 2019.05.08 13:12

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  • [PUBSTY] Find Youngduk's Tasty Restaurant! 1st Aseong Bulgogi

    Tasty Road

    # Ah-sung Restaurant # Ah-seong Bulgogi # Yeongdeok Restaurant HelloLast week, I took a vacation and went to Youngduk with my friend. I had beef from the Aseong restaurant for lunch. I cooked it on charcoal with egg yolks and spices. I ate bulgogi soaked in the broth. There is no new world. Biryong, the cooking king, was so mesmerized. If you ever go to Youngduk, make sure to stop by the restaurant.^^~

    $setinoby . 2019.05.07 23:27

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  • Mother, father! I love you!


    # On Parent's Day # I love my parents # Thank you for helping me out and raising me up^^

    $setinoby . 2019.05.07 23:08

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  • a beef dinner


    #Sourmet #Sweet #Sweet #Sweetheart #Dining now!!!Enjoy your meal.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.25 19:19

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  • bituniverse wallet

    Personal Finance

    #bituniverse 안녕하세요 👋 크립토 지갑에 대해서 후기를 남겨 보고자 해요. 저는 보통 코인마켓캡에서 시총이나 순위를 파악했는데 이제 이지갑에서 확인을 할수가 있어서 매우 효율적으로 사용할 수가 있네요.최신 기사도 확인 가능하며 ico정보 및 실시간 유입량 , 최근 🐋 고래들의 활동내역, 자금동향, 각 거래소 유입량 까지 확인 가능해요. 전체 자금의 흐름을 파악할때 유용할듯 합니다. 이오스 댑들의 지갑들도 이런기능이 있었음 하네요^^~! 읽어주셔서 감사합니다. 您好,我想留下关于加密钱包的评论。 我通常钱币市场并了解市值排名,目前的上限是在可以yijigap检查itneyo可以非常有效地使用。最新的文章也可以检查和ICO信息和活动,实时流量的筹资趋势,最近🐋鲸,每 您可以查看交换金额。 理解整个基金的流动将是有用的。 EOS dApps 的钱包也有这个功能^^〜! 谢谢你的阅读 Hello, I'd like to leave a comment about the Crypto Wallet. I have been able to check on the market or cap in the coin market cap, and now I can check it on the wallet, so I can use it very efficiently. I can check the latest articles and I know the information and real time inflow, the activity history of the recent whales, You can check the amount of the exchange. It would be useful to understand the flow of the entire fund. The wallets of the EOS dApps also had this feature ^^ ~! Thanks for reading.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.22 12:06

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  • Longboard Training Post


    #180 #Peter Pan #Longboard #Tuk fiber source #Gyeongguk Reservoir #During the background soundreal #Teacher's Birthday #100% #Insadul Chunguk #Hello, I went to Ttuk Textile Garden Waterfront for a long board lesson on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Lotte Jamsil Tower, Han River View, busking sound, and my friendly teacher, I took a long board for 2 hours. At first, after practicing basic driving, the teacher held the basic skills, practiced 180 and held the wrong parts. After practicing Peter Pan, he did the wrong part. Thank you for carefully grinding me to the details I didn't know and praising me for success as soon as I learned Peter Pan. After a two-hour longboard ride, I played the back of my seat at the tendon. I thought it was just a bunch of people who said, "Leave the top open," and "I'm a foster home for studying abroad. It was such a fun day for all the girls I dated to study abroad," said U - U. Next week, we're waiting for a big event for long boarders from around the world, so if there's another long board, "Give me free," I'd like to go. See you later 👋

    $setinoby . 2019.04.21 00:13

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  • After Krypto Mickup!

    Personal Finance

    #D.VIP #Mitup #D.STREET D.I've been to STREET Krypto Mickup. I've had a great meal. I've seen a lot of solid and promising projects. ^^

    $setinoby . 2019.04.20 01:32

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  • Amazon Cloud Seminar4


    #awssummit #Automotive #Coded in machine learning in advance and made the car move. ♪♪ That's amazing.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.18 20:22

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  • Amazon Cloud Seminar3


    #awssummit # sushi # sushi machine learning # The machine now picks up the swivel sushi # goes further and it's like the machine will make it in the future.@_@

    $setinoby . 2019.04.18 20:21

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  • Amazon Cloud Seminar2


    #awsummit Amazon Seminar Lunch 🍽 It was delicious!! I thought you were a global company. I can't believe you're treating thousands of people like this.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.18 20:21

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  • Amazon Cloud Seminar1


    #awsummit AWS seminar. I thought my hands were broken when I came home with a prize. I'm the only one who won the backpack and the clothes.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.18 20:20

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  • 에어방석(에어셀) 샀어요 ㅎ

    Health Care

    평소에 사무실에서 의자에 앉아서 생할하다보니 엉덩이와 다리가 피곤할거 같아 에어셀 방석과 에어발쿠션을 샀어요 ㅎ 후기에는 에어셀 위에 앉으면 구름에 뜬것 같다고 했는데 그정도는 아니고 엉덩이가 덜 부담이 되는것 같구요. 에어발쿠션 위에 발을 얹으면 🦵 다리와 발이 편해서 좋네요. 쇼파위에 얹는것보다 편안해요^^ #에어셀 #방석 #에어발쿠션

    $setinoby . 2019.04.17 21:39

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  • Do you know the name of this?!


    #Sky? Do you know the name of the flight on the sky?

    $setinoby . 2019.04.01 15:56

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  • I got Nano Letzer S!


    #eos #nanoleldgers #security #sulls the cows and fixes the barn, right I'm trying to make sense of this. Security! Me!I thought I'd invest, so I bought a hardwallet nanletzer s. I bought it at a discount of about 110,000 won. 〇 Information on interlocking remains below: ᄒHard Wallet-Ledger - EOS DApp Support Settings Guidehttps://steemit.com/eos/@acroeos/acroeos-ledger-eos-dapp-Ledger Nano S Interworking https://steemit.com/eos/@acroeos/update-ledger-eos

    $setinoby . 2019.02.19 20:23

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  • How about a free Starbucks?


    The first-come-first-served Starbucks Americano will be sold for 100 won at Wonder Shopping Toss.On Thursday, Wonder Shopping said it will give a 100-won coupon for Starbucks on a first-come-first-served basis to a total of 10,000 people every 10 minutes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.How to participate in the event is to search Naver Mobile for Wonder Shopping Toss after installing the Wonder Shopping mobile application and get a coupon from the top banner.If you pay the Starbucks Americano mobile gift certificate to Toss in Wonder Pay by 11:59 p.m., you will receive 4,000 won back to Toss Money in the future.In addition to Starbucks Americano, the company will also offer 25 percent discount on Dunkin Donuts, Bacon Egg English Muffins, Ham Egg English Muffins, Original Hotdogs and Pepperoni Hotdogs, respectively.

    $setinoby . 2019.01.30 11:43

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  • Come to the Ios-only exchange.^~^


    Please sign up a lot. EOS is a specialised hybrid exchange ^-^ Please sign up a lot. https://chaince.com/registrations/new?in_token=d63aefa2 #eos #EOS #chaince

    $setinoby . 2019.01.25 14:56

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  • Grandma, wake up. ᅲ


    #Grandmother's noodle #Grandmother's noodle set

    $setinoby . 2019.01.17 12:07

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  • I keep losing weight.


    #Diet #Detox #Effective #Uk tea For three months, King Umji made it because he told me that he lost eight kilos instead of drinking water and not exercising. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ I look forward to losing weight! Recipe is 1. Buy an owl at the mart. 2. Rub the owls with coarse salt to wash the soil. 3. Wash in water. 4. Slice into a circle and dry on the veranda for a day. 5. Stir-fry without burning in a frying pan. 6. Cool. Repeat 7.6. 9 times. 8. Put 3 to 4 in hot water and drink with tea. 9. Keep the rest in a container. It is. Everyone, make this body!

    $setinoby . 2019.01.16 14:54

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  • # Tsangryong #Junghwa #Steanjang Lunch is a tray!!


    # SsangYong #Danjwa #Junghwa Co., Ltd.

    $setinoby . 2019.01.15 13:18

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  • Dexeos' Token Pocket Review


    #dexeos #tokenpocket #token_pocket #eos #eos #Ios I usually take part in giving free gifts. I'll get a free code from Kramer at DEXEOS. You have obtained a free account of token packet . Token pockets are of EOS/ MOAC / Ethereum / ENU / Jingtum family It can be used as a wallet for various co-workers. I usually check the CPU usage through the pc web through the Iotulkit or https://eosflare.io I was so happy to be able to check and stock on the mobile anytime and anywhere with the "resource" tab of the token pocket. You can also buy and sell RAM by clicking RAM directly to the right of the CPU/NET tab. You don't have to search for block.io page on the pc Web You don't have to go in. You can vote for BP on the "Vote" tab. Click on the BP to go to the BP homepage. You can directly review the orientation of the project. A few months ago, I went to Google to find the homepage of the BPs. I think this part is very attractive. On the "authoritative management" side, You can customize security in more detail than other apps. Key to Owner's Privileges You can change the key for Active privileges. Active keys are usually used for transfer/stake/vote, etc. The Owner key is used to change the permissions of Active. If you know what +increase is next to the owner's rights, please leave comments and we'll appreciate it.^^ On the "market" side, You can check the price information of various coinage and click the + button to add the coin you want to see. Of course, you can search for and register EOS tokens. You can also set the % for sale/buy when you click on the coin. On the "discovery" side, We can check the Ios Dapps. If you click, you can go directly to various games or exchanges. Downloads can be done by searching in token pockets on the Play Store. I hope that token pockets will continue to be updated and grow more and more by listening to users. The score is 99.8 out of 100. 0.2 point is for room for more growth. Thank you.

    $setinoby . 2019.01.14 14:54

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  • #3 day of exercise # Not yet below 70 #20 laps #Regrace100


    #Still below 70 #Regrace 100 # Exercise 3rd day # trust the power of 20 laps #Push-up 30 times on the field #

    $setinoby . 2019.01.03 23:43

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