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  • Amazing Avengers


    An end game in which the word "amazing" ends so well on Marvel's face. The three hours of closing this world, which has been around for almost 10 years, seemed so short, and it was such a waste of time for the movie to end. I'm going to film a life movie for me after the hero.

    $saitama . 2019.04.28 18:40

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  • Do you know the difference between sunset and sunset?


    Yesterday, I saw the year when I went fishing and fell into the sea. But then I started to wonder if the sunset and the falling tide mean the same thing. Sunset is the way the sun sets itself. Falling tide is the same as the Chinese character. Sunlight falling in the evening in a rain shower, The setting sun, the spreading red light, He has a meaning. Now I can tell you apart.

    $saitama . 2019.04.08 08:00

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  • The king of fruit


    어제 시장에 갔다가 처음봤네요 과일계의 왕이라는 두리안^^ 동남아 여행을 아직 못가봐서 실물을 보는게 첨이였어요 혹시 마트에서 팔수도있지만.. 냄새가 엄청나다는 소문만듣고 만지기도 꺼리다 용기내서 맡아봤는데 껍질에선 아무냄새도 안나더군요 요놈을 까서 과육이 나오면 그게 극악의 냄새를 풍기답니다 맛에 대해서도 호불호가 극명하게 갈린다는데 왜 과일의왕인지는 의문이네요 도전해보고싶진 않지만 첨본과일이라 신기해서 올려봅니다

    $saitama . 2019.02.24 13:28

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  • Salmon and dewy


    It's been a long time since I've enjoyed the money. Have a glass of dew on the salmon. I like salmon as well, but it's more delicious and nice to have it as a drinker. The place I ate yesterday is good for eating salmon thickly.That's it. Have a nice weekend.

    $saitama . 2019.02.23 08:21

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  • a hot glass of citron tea

    Health Care

    Goheung Yuja Tea, which I bought at the mart last week. There were so many kinds of citron tea, but Yuja chose the most famous Goheung Yuja. A sweet, fragrant glass of citron tea is a must in winter. It tastes good and smells good, but it doesn't have one or two effects, so try it in winter rather than coffee. There are many effects such as relieving hangover, recovering from fatigue, preventing osteoporosis, and preventing cold. It's the most popular health car in fine dust these days, so I'll have to drink it for a day.

    $saitama . 2019.01.24 08:17

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  • Even the devil is so cute.


    A beagle raised in a friend's house said he had five cubs and said, "Are you going to raise one?" I'm raising him, and he's giving up... I know it's very hard to raise in an apartment, but I wanted to try it out, but I'm sorry.Haha

    $saitama . 2019.01.23 17:35

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  • fall into a lamb's tail


    I've been hooked on a lamb's tail lately. a lamb skewer that is cooked deliciously by itself. I can't get away with this creature. It's delicious.

    $saitama . 2019.01.21 13:57

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  • Cute girl~


    Two yolks from the restaurant that we went to for lunch. I remember the old days when my maternal grandparents were giving birth to ale I've been following a bunch of guys that look like that.

    $saitama . 2019.01.12 14:16

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  • at a faster rate than light


    It's Friday. Don't let anyone know when you're off work, but at the speed of light, it's true. Have a nice Friday, everyone.^^

    $saitama . 2019.01.11 13:57

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  • Shin Hae Chul...


    King Shin Hae-chul, who is a permanent rocker in his memory. It's already been five years since he left. Right now, only his music is left, and he's still ringing my heart. "Father and I part I" pokes on the chest. Shin Hae-chul's mid- and low-pitched narration stimulates the lyrics. "Father and I, part I" I looked up a long time ago.  His shoulders were as high as a mountain.  He was young and passionate and was burning with ambition.  To me, he was the strongest man in the world.  One day I found myself taller than him.  I began to think about myself.  And slowly, he's like me.  I knew I didn't think. The only way I'm going to survive in this rough world...  He said he was just a strong man.  I thought I'd live like a bird flying through a gutter.  I'm gonna kick the ground with my two feet.  between the winds that hit me under my wings.  I swore to see the world.  The beginning of my life as a man  It's not like I'm getting a beard under my chin.  My ambition is to feel my freedom wriggling. Because I believe it's already started.  But he did not answer.  Look at the man walking over there.  Is it my father or your father?  The grief of a man who is alienated from his family and makes money.  Like the body of a giant beast.  I'm reeling under the name of authority that's left behind.

    $saitama . 2019.01.10 13:21

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  • Mr. Yang is becoming more and more human.


    I stopped by my house for lunch and it's been a while. Now you're lying down like a human being. I remember the old animation "The Cat's Bo-eun." You don't jump up in the middle of the night and hang out with your friends.

    $saitama . 2019.01.09 15:19

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  • Skyway


    Supertree was the kind of giant or supermassive tree that matched it. It's like going into an avatar movie!!! I think it was the size of an apartment, but when the Illumination show was going on at night, I felt like I was really in space.

    $saitama . 2019.01.08 08:12

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  • The steps of the thought...


    Don't think the world has lost you. The world has never had you.

    $saitama . 2019.01.06 23:58

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  • Go the way you want to go.


    The novel "Go the Way You Want to Go" It's fate that you can't fly. It's corrupt not to try to fly. He said he wanted something. If you do nothing, you never want it. The first sign of a dream dying, I'm saying, "I don'

    $saitama . 2019.01.06 10:17

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  • time-fishing Kang Tae-Kong


    the last port of Aphae last fall. It's been a few months. The weather is cold, and the sunrise is waiting for a warm spring. Fishing is time and...

    $saitama . 2019.01.05 07:13

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  • Now I'm familiar with lamb skewers.


    I used to be reluctant to access lamb. There was a strong preconception that the unique smell was so bad that we couldn't open the door easily. From some point on, "Yangko-chien Ching-tao~" began to come to my ears so familiar that I thought I'd try it once. I think it's my first time to try and clean 20 lamb skewers in a place. It's so delicious. I'm so into it. It was better for me to eat with skewers than to dip them in a tslan. Most of them are sold in Chinese restaurants, so chung tao is good, but eating in Chinese wine is also strong. If you eat fishhooks with side menu, it's good to get rid of the feeling.

    $saitama . 2019.01.04 13:43

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  • a wildcat in a dreamland


    It's been almost a year since I picked up a tag in February last year It took us some time to get used to each other, but now we're family. If you look at the hounds who live out there because of this guy, you're worried about eating and eating. I think it's good to be a companion animal.

    $saitama . 2019.01.04 08:38

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  • Dokdo,


    It is also known as shrimp caught in waters around Ulleungdo Island, Dokdo that originally called Southern rough shrimp or I'll see you. It's as delicious as it's expensive. I thought shrimp could taste this sweet. It's soft and soft. Everyone, if you have a chance, try it. You won't regret it.

    $saitama . 2019.01.04 00:29

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  • Happy new year


    2019년 새해입니다 반짝반짝 빛나는 트리처럼 올한해 모든일이 순조롭게 진행됬음좋겠어요

    $saitama . 2019.01.03 08:16

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  • The ones on the left.


    I went to the theater with my son and played basketball in the arcade on the first floor.

    $saitama . 2018.12.29 00:21

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  • Benangmego to Taiwan


    a trip to Taiwan on a free trip. I took a picture of the streets of Taiwan on the subway.

    $saitama . 2018.12.29 00:18

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  • #Dr. Gill cat #


    He brought in a guillotine earlier this year and started to raise it. He was a very young man, and now he's Not long ago, I was shocked by the sound of the hooters shouting in front of my house, so I ran to the veranda and listened to them.

    $saitama . 2018.12.26 11:22

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  • # Taiwan #Dindaifeng Main Branch #Tremendous human wave #1 1/2 hours waiting


    People in front of the main branch of Taiwan DinDaifeng... I waited for an hour and a half, so I managed to eat dumplings and beef noodles. There were more than 20 dumpling people in the cooking area on the first floor.

    $saitama . 2018.12.26 11:20

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  • #Adult #Adult #Boom Bastic


    My son had a booby dance last year at the Elementary School. They're first-timers, but they're a lot of performance practice, so they're pretty much Hahaha

    $saitama . 2018.12.26 10:00

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  • #The Whale Shark #Okinawa #Japan


    Okinawa Churami Aquarium

    $saitama . 2018.12.26 09:58

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