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  • Pakwa joker


    Pakwa joker yang lagi berdialog dengan pakram dan juga dengan bg pii, mereka berbicara bebrapa hal yang lagi di hadapi selama ini.. Semoga masalah cepat selesai dan kedamaian kembali datang... Keep doin good💙

    $osamapublyto . 2019.09.05 04:16

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  • good night publyto


    before going to bed I took time to enjoy coffee for a moment with my best friend named Grandma

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.30 23:20

    4 thanks . 1,090.8493 PUB

  • Cruise to Sabang


    The atmosphere in the boat kmpr cruise to Sabang, so many tourists from abroad who visit Sabang to see the beauty of the Sabang beach

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.29 02:50

    4 thanks . 391.4559 PUB

  • wedding reception


    Our activities at the time of the wedding reception in the village by providing food for invited guests and also help everything to run the event smoothly

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.23 15:42

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  • Seramoe cofffe tonight ☕☕


    Tonight's atmosphere at Seramoe Coffe is the visitors who are eating satay and also there are some people who are enjoying coffee on this beautiful night.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.22 00:59

    2 thanks . 11.6650 PUB

  • with a comedian of legend


    He was the one who entertained us when we were little, his name was Apalambak, we used to watch comedy movies on DVD, the words that came out of his mouth made us laugh while watching their work, as if there was no strange language coming out of their mouths . legendary comedy, this photo is a memorable moment with him in 2014 when on the football field Blang asan relumpang dua, in a meeting of the comedians of legend ..

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.21 17:31

    3 thanks . 397.5987 PUB

  • Hard work brings blessings 😊


    Being a coolie building becomes a very burdensome job for me because we have to be in the sun from morning to evening, we work to make a road with 10 people, but behind all this does not make me give up Because behind hard work there must be a way to success .

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.20 18:30

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  • Happiness with friends


    Meeting them makes me laugh because they always make the world more colorful. 😍😍 God bless you my friends 🙏

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.19 22:00

    3 thanks . 554.1894 PUB

  • COFFE TEEBOOX with riski manda and Farabi


    Hi everyone. !! This time I will share a little story about the meaning of my friendship with my friend named Riski Manda who is now working in the PT. Arun NGL complex. , I went with my cousin named Farabi. We left from our village to Lhokseumawe. It took 2 hours, there were many of my friends from high school who named M, Yani, Zulfahmi, Zulkarnaini and many more, we really enjoyed the meeting joked with each other and also shared experiences

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.19 16:13

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  • Coffe'e Seramoe


    Tonight's Seramoe kupi very many visitors from various regions tonight who come to taste cooked satay, some people who stop by with the family there also come with his girlfriend, various kinds of food are here ranging from cooked satay, dumpling noodles and fried rice

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.19 02:29

    6 thanks . 1,026.0998 PUB

  • the sunset is quite beautiful.


    This is a beautiful view in my village, the sun began to set, displaying the beauty that is so extraordinary, seeing the beauty, I immediately issued my samrphone to capture the beauty ,, the location located on the rice field makes this view so extraordinary

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.18 21:20

    4 thanks . 523.2842 PUB

  • Feri shopping


    Today I was invited by my cousin by the name of the ferry to accompany him to buy some clothes, this is the clothes that were bought today, we bought at a clothing store at the intersection of belek, the Timang Gajah sub-district, there were many choices of clothes beautiful here, and also jeans with a variety of choices make us all who are here want to have

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.18 14:49

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  • Happiness with them


    We often ignore friends and rarely spend time with them, when we are in the distance together with them therein lies the meaning of friendship when we miss each other

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.18 01:14

    4 thanks . 457.3308 PUB

  • Caffe wackram


    Wackram coffe is decorated using flickering lights which are quite attractive to customers, this is the atmosphere of caffe wakram

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.17 13:41

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  • The best mechanic, Mr. Rendy


    This afternoon I visited a Honda bekel that was quite well known as a mechanic named Mr Rendi. He had worked in the mechanical world for decades

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.16 21:14

    6 thanks . 96.1971 PUB



    Sabang has its own beauty, this is our photo when diving some time ago on the island of Sabang, under the sea Sabang very many fish with a variety of colors, the fish approached us and we feed them in the form of boiled indomie that we have prepared before we dive, very many tourists who visit Sabang to dive under the Sabang Sea

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.16 06:47

    8 thanks . 497.9201 PUB

  • Good evening publyto friends


    tonight I take the time to buy some clothes that I have dreamed of some time ago, and thank God tonight I can have it.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.16 01:25

    4 thanks . 51.0316 PUB

  • Oris Gunung salak


    The scenery is quite beautiful at the top of Mount Salak, a tourist attraction that just opened a few years ago makes the tourist attractions of Mount Salak very much visited by tourists on holidays and also weekdays.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.15 07:10

    8 thanks . 130.3666 PUB

  • have a nice evening publyto friends


    At the end of the night before going to sleep, I and my friend took the time to taste the delicious taste of Arabica coffee which is usually delicious, hopefully tonight will also be a pleasure for everyone's friends publyto ..

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.14 23:44

    4 thanks . 342.3080 PUB

  • Wak Ram Coffe


    The discovery is very comfortable, we visited Sana because of the cool Susana and really good service, and also the fantastic WiFi speed around 100 mbps

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.14 13:51

    5 thanks . 1,235.2583 PUB

  • small business


    Small businesses that provide household equipment and kitchen needs, such as soap, milk powder, chicken eggs, tomatoes, and more, have been established since 2008 and now various types of home appliances are complete with time ... hopefully useful for everyone and be a part to ease the burden on the people in our village

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.13 21:43

    6 thanks . 214.0864 PUB

  • Sabang port


    Sabang has its own natural beauty potential, there are so many tourists from abroad who choose to go on vacation to Sabang because Sabang has an extraordinary beauty of the sea, clear sea water is great for surfing here.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.13 13:14

    8 thanks . 487.1362 PUB

  • paddy fields in my village


    Hi everyone! Have a good night while resting, at the end of the night while enjoying sleep I want to share a little story to my friends at publyto, this is a video that I took using my smartphone about the beauty of rice fields in my village, the farmers will soon enjoy after all the rice seeds have started to come out of their stems, hopefully the farmers' fortune will be smooth and can help their household needs with the crops they have in their fields

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.12 22:24

    5 thanks . 753.4427 PUB

  • beautiful garden


    Ujong Paking Park does have its own beauty with ornamental trees planted very beautifully making this place very much visited by millennials, those who want to take gambad here to be immortalized on several social media.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.12 13:49

    7 thanks . 354.9817 PUB

  • beautiful eid al-adha night


    The atmosphere of calm on Eid al-Adha night I spent tonight with coffee together with my best friend. 🙏🍻🎑🎑🌃🌃

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.12 01:00

    2 thanks . 56.9227 PUB

  • Sabang Island


    Sabang Island keeps a very spectacular beauty starting from a small island that looks quite charming and also clean and clear lait water making Sabang Island so much visited by foreign tourists because they are amazed by the beauty of Sabang

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.11 15:49

    8 thanks . 734.3482 PUB

  • Love little children


    Give your love for little children💚💚 Keep doing good 💚💚

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.10 20:24

    14 thanks . 1,726.0701 PUB

  • Nosar takengon


    This is a beautiful view on the edge of the lake located in the city of Takengon, Takengon is indeed very rich in natural products, starting from the world's number one coffee bean.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.10 16:12

    4 thanks . 174.6499 PUB

  • Entertaining children


    There are so many steps and ways to entertain the children, starting from counting, drawing and also playing with them, I often educate children by playing with them like playing chess, and I often educate through watching TV that they like, there are also children who like with legendary stories it's one way to make them smile and teach them how to succeed

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.09 23:09

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  • Me and my best friend Renaldi


    Me and my best friend named Renaldi when we had coffee on the tee boox caffe in the city of Lhokseumawe, in the photo when my weight was still ideal at 68 kilograms, and now my weight has gone up to 82 kilograms, which is a big problem for me, I continue to make great efforts to lose weight, the problem in general, average weight gain is with irregular food and also often consume ice water and also due to not maintaining a diet.

    $osamapublyto . 2019.08.09 02:35

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