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  • the splendid night street scenery of the Sanchon Fish Festival.


    Hwacheon in Gangwon-do We've captured the scenery, including glitter and twinkle and other It has become one of the most famous festivals in winter in Korea. A lot of people come to see me every winter to enjoy the Sanchon eoreum fishing, but on the weekend, there was a huge crowd. There are ice fishing grounds and even a long line of dust from dawn to get a good seat. I visited the Sanchon Fish Festival several times every winter, and it was worth watching the fireworks on the night of closing. If you've never enjoyed this festival before, I think it'll be good for you to listen to it with your family or friends next year. I think it will be an experience that won't be regretted.

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  • the story of a bonfire under the night sky.


    When I didn't have a lot of toys... They gathered in the night sky and lit a bonfire and blossomed the story until the flames and charcoal went out. an old song with a bonfire like this It reminds me of "Park In-hee's bonfire." . . . sitting face to face with a bonfire. Our story is endless. Life leaves ashes in smoke. like a bonfire that disappears without a word. until the moment you get out of the car, Our story is endless. until the moment you get out of the car, Our story is endless.

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  • a friend whom I met on a country road


    I'm walking through the country street, but this guy keeps following me. I think I look a lot like my dog when I was a bit flexible. I feel friendly. There was a shrimp crack in my hand that hasn't been opened yet, but you followed me because you were interested in this cookie, right? HehehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAnd you're very close. We're new to each other. I had a busy road to go, but I couldn't turn my back on it, so I ended up ripping off the shrimp crack. One for him, one for me. We're sharing it in half and half. I thought it was a relief that the neckline wasn't a dog that I threw away, but since he's a big dog, he has to keep the dog in line. I grew up with big dogs, so I'm not scared at all now, but I'm wondering if the dog owner should be more careful because it's still a scary and surprising part of the day.

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  • Hang in there. That's what wins.The spirit of Johnber?


    Hang in there. That's what wins!The spirit of Johnber? A small-sized 'Left Table' that you can see while shopping at E-Mart The picture on this table said, "Hold on, that's what wins." It means that if you endure through your hard work life, you will end up as a winner. If you're like me in the midst of a raging depression, wouldn't you think of the first thing that comes to mind when you see this picture? I thought about it. Now that I've tasted the bitterness... Sure. Can Johnver say he always wins? I'm starting to think again.

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  • Omija《adabtōzen effect》


    I had a nice, delicious omija tea. It's so good that I'm going to talk about this fruit.^^ There are a lot of people who have heard that omija fruit is effective, but I'm going to study a little bit more and post it based on what I've compiled. Omija consists of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and is characterized by its strong sour taste. Omija was named after five flavors. It's sour on the skin. Sweetness to pulp. The seeds are spicy and bitter. All in all, it's salty. It is called Omija because it is in harmony. When you buy omija, it's better to choose something spicy and sour. In Europe, it was also selected as one of the most popular foods in the world to produce the 《adaptone effect》 along with ginseng and caciogapi. What is Adaptozen?》 A process that is safe for the human body, that acts only on real threats, that acts through mechanisms that enhance overall resistance to the physical, chemical and biological effects that cause stress, and that normalizes regardless of pathological conditions. There's a way to drink tea, green tea, or alcohol. I recommend you drink it with cold water as much as possible. It's because if you put it in hot water, it can destroy nutrients and it can taste bad. Now let's find out about the efficacy of this fruit. Prevent dementia, relieve hangover, relieve stress, He's protecting his liver, his blood circulation, his nerves, his liver. It's good for detoxification, cough, phlegm, asthma. Treatment of insomnia, promotion of digestion, prevention of aging, Diabetes, anemia, etc. It's amazing to have so many different effects. Terrific! It's also good for women as a diet drink, which helps them drink water, supplements them with small amounts of nutrients they lack while on a diet, and is free from calories. On a tired day, how about a cup of Omija tea?

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  • I'll wash my snowforms and feel better.


    I'm sure a lot of people, including me, are suffering from the severe fine dust, but not just people, but cars are getting dirty outside, which makes them look bad. Today, I visited the often-used salp washroom to cleanse my baby's tie. The reason why I prefer the Salf Wash is because I care about my car. The location is a bit far away, but I usually use this place because it's not coin-based, but it's a card-touch method, so it's discounted depending on the amount of charge and convenient to use. But most of all, the main reason for this is that you can wash your car carefully, because you can use your personal washing tools (bottlenecks, sponges, etc.) rather than the tools provided. Of course it will be difficult when the customer is full. You washed your car for more than two hours, not knowing it would be hard just to get rid of the stains. Hehew! What a shame if you think you're working hard when you wash your car! Back! Shoulder! It's like this. If you think it's your favorite hobby, you can wash your car with a smile. Like playing with a car. You'll know, the satisfaction of the car's glistening after washing Today was a nice day to wash my car.

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  • Poster


    I saw a poster from the Ministry of Employment and Labor & Safety and Health Corporation saying, "I'm not sick because I'm beaten."I've tried. Parents seem to have parodied the saying, "Hold your fingers and no fingers hurt."

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  • "Empathy coaching for my child."


    How should my parents react to their feelings? It's going to be easy, but it's a very difficult question. It's a progressive concern for all parents. The book, "The Emotional Coach for My Child (John Kartman)Choi Sung-ae, "The Wall" categorizes the characteristics according to the parents' reaction and talks about the characteristics. It's no big deal, "Changeable Parents" Then I can't. "Pressurized parents." Anything's okay, "Fall parents." Let's find them together, "emotional coach parents." The most ideal "emotional coaching parents" have the following characteristics. 1. The child's feelings are accepted but limited in his behavior. 2. Do not divide emotions into good and bad things, but accept them all as a natural part of life. 3. Be patient and wait when expressing a child's feelings. 4. Respect the child's feelings. 5. Don't miss the little emotional changes of a child. 6. Emotional communication with a child is important. 7. Respect the independence of the child and try to find a solution for yourself. "Both parents" and "emotional coaching parents" look similar in terms of listening to and understanding the child's feelings. But "emotional coaching parents" explain the difference in drawing clear limits on a child's behavior. That's right. The important thing is that emotions are widely accepted, but you have to draw clear limits on behavior. They say it's good to set a simple code of conduct. For example, 1) Actions that are harmful to others 2) Limits such as actions that are harmful to oneself, etc. Children who grew up under emotional coaching parents find their emotions natural, not strange, to be part of growing up, to be more relaxed and to try to find a better way. Furthermore, it is said that 'self-preservation' increases. But I think it's never easy for me to be a "perfect emotional coach" parent, but Dr. Gatman is "40% of emotional coaching can be effective enough." So, I don't think you need to be too burdened.^^ I'm determined to try harder to make my children feel secure and feel valued.

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  • #Let me be a wise man. # Wish


    My children. He's someone who can learn from others. not stingy in praising a person with humility able to control one's feelings I'd be grateful if you could grow up to be a wise man. I love you, girls.

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  • #LDH Macbeth Octopus Charcoal Fire Chicken Galbi #Gangchon Restaurant


    This restaurant in Gangchon is called Macbansok Charcoal Galbi. When I have no appetite, I often go out with my family. There's a lot of medicine in it, so there's no food in the meat and there's no appetite! Live juices! It's clinging to my mouth. I guess it's because I bake it on a McBan stone. The meat is tender. A service that the boss cooks for himself. It's also available for packing, so I always pack a few people after meals and bring them home. Even if I bake them in a pan, they love it. [Foodhouse Information] Gangchon-gugok-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 9 Menu: McBanseok Octopus Barbecue / McBanseok Charcoal Chicken Galbi / McBanseok Spicy Chicken Galbi /Moon Myeon, etc.

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  • a happy place just to stay


    What is a good place for us? I think a good place is a good place. First of all, light should be heard well and air well and feel warm. A place where people like to spend time with their loved ones or family because of a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. If you're there, your worries disappear and you can lead to positive and good ideas. I think I can tell you that... How about here? It was selected as the Seoul Metropolitan Government's architectural award in 2017 for improving the quality of life of local residents and revitalizing the Hannae Neighborhood Park. [South Korea's Forest of Wisdom] * Library in Hannae Neighborhood Park, a cultural complex with a floor space of 359.37m2 located in Madlo 86 of Nowon-gu, Seoul *Architecture Architect: Unsaeng-dong Architectural History Office. Jang Yoon Koo [User Information] http://www.nowonlib.kr/local/html/hannaeLocation

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  • "The Happiness of Dalai Lamar"


    # About getting closer to the West... Can't you get rid of your loneliness? If you want to overcome isolation and loneliness, you have to change your attitude. The best way to change your attitude is to treat others with a kind heart.

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  • My heart is in a silver lining


    One day... As I passed through Yangpyeong, the silver light on the surface of the river was so good that I stopped my car for a while and looked at the scene for a long time. I didn't know... My heart is silvery too.

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  • Trends to lead 19 years!! Issue on Securities Token (SECURITY TOKENS)

    Crypto Currency

    As the trend to lead the year 2019, the Securities and Token Exchange has been highlighted, so I've taken a quick look at what I know and related news. In the future, it is expected that the worldwide tokenization of assets using blockchain will take place. It seems that it is already actively underway overseas. In Switzerland, Malta, Singapore and other countries that are leading the institutional overhaul of digital assets, the issuance of securities tokens began. The reason why stock tokens are so popular... By tokenizing assets such as real estate, art, and mineral resources, we can increase liquidity and share the rights of assets with multiple people. #T-ZERO T-ZERO of the United States to Face Wall Street! If it's a dark horse in the stock market, of course it's T-Zero. Tijero conducted ICO for professional investors in 2018 and is preparing for a stock token exchange in accordance with U.S. securities regulation law. TZERO는 is a subsidiary of Overstock.com and has worked hard to establish a stock token exchange and has already established a highly complete trading system.Kodakfilm's Kodak will be listed on T.Zero. Overstack is a market company listed on the U.S. stock market, and it was a fire because it received an early payment for its products in cryptocurrency. #Open FINANCE NETWORK The Open Finance Network, which has emerged as a competitor to T.Jero. #Bithumb+series member The exchange said it is planning to establish a stock token exchange in the U.S. in cooperation with the members of the series The series member plans to establish a stock-type token exchange there with the approval of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which provides related technology and is in charge of the exchange business. #Chain Partners+Polymas It is said that Chain Partners will start a stock-type token advisory business in partnership with global token platform Polymers. In November last year, Chain Partners acquired the highest digital asset handling license 'Class 4' from the government of the EU member country Malta to provide related services. # Huobi Korea selected five major trends to lead the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in 2019, (2) the introduction of institutional investors, (3) securing an expansion solution (Scaling), (4) the application and utilization of blockchain by companies, and (5) the spread of stable coin. (Stay Coin: HUSD, PAX, GUSD, USDC, Facebook WattsApp, Japan Mizuho Group will also publish the Stable Coin and use it as a digital asset. Stable coins are expected to have a ripple effect on digital assets due to their ease of payment and remittance. #Cickers + Inno Angel Circus and Inogel signed a contract in December 18 to set up a stock token exchange in Hong Kong and aim to open it in May 2019. The Cecus is a professional security company in Korea, and as many of you already know, we're about to open a bittop exchange. Ino Angel is a big investor in China and runs a fund worth about 20 trillion won. There are a lot of companies that are looking to enter the ps.cable token market, and they're also interested in T-ZERO personally. Can the stock token market reinvigorate the cryptocurrency market that has been stagnant?

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  • #Worth.com's list of the world's 100 most powerful financial figures.


    U.S. President Trump, Russian President Putin, and Chinese President Xi Jinping were ranked first, second and third, respectively, and Bitcoin creator Satoshinakamoto ranked 44th, ahead of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's 98th and NASDAQ CEO Adenafridman 86. In the next few years...(in the not too distant future) I wish Ios "Dan" would be in the top 20!^^

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  • #FAST #Space Crash Video


    FAST token (EOS dapp) FAST was hacked a while ago and reallocated tokens. This case has left NEWDEX with the pain of delisting. --- But the Fast team has an ambitious game to prepare for."Space Crush" Let's watch this video. Aren't you very curious about what kind of game stories you're going to come up with? Will the FAST team be a 'phone camouflage' when this game is released?

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  • On the Skywalk of the five islands...


    I went to my relatives' house in Busan, and I heard that there was Skywalk on the island, so I went there with my family the other day before. If you say five or five degrees, you will feel familiar. But now that I've seen it in person, I feel different. When you walk through a skywalk made of tempered glass, you feel like you're floating in the sky above the sea.^^ The photo was taken against the backdrop of the five-and-a-half-do skywalk.Five or five islands have their own names on each name. Why not five or six? Did he name it "Oryukdo"? I'm sure many of you already know that... Because the etymology looks like five or six islands, depending on the way you look. If you haven't heard it yet, please take a short mid-course trip to Busan.~ (Location: Isle in Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, Busan)

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  • New Year's Day, camping with your son?


    No way! Camping in the middle of the winter?

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  • a recipe for one's daughter


    Gong Ji Young Essay Of the first part..."Once withered, once completely dead." Of the second part...We'll finally have it. "I don't drink it when I'm feeling bad." Of the three parts...Less happy or happier or "you're the most beautiful" today.

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  • #What I want to improve among the features of Publicity.


    Please refer to Chapter 3 of the virtual image above (this is an image that is not currently being implemented). # Reasons to improve: 1) With bar graph, it is not easy to set the desired amount of ink in a row in a close proximity. 2) Depending on the contents of the post, some users may want to quantitatively set the quantity of ink.(Sometimes I want to enter directly.) # If you've improved your function, let me explain for example (see attached image picture in Chapter 3). A. It is time to set the amount of ink for the bar graph. We're supposed to set it up as one bar. What I was thinking about was two bars, like the image above. Image1) For example, suppose you have 240,105 in your possession of 240. Image2) First move the upper bar to the left to create a 69,731 and the number of [you give] on the bottom bar changes automatically to the same quantity. But the bar graph below does not move. **The reason is because the bar graph below shows the overall light blue amount (maximum) = the upper bar light blue amount (69731) in a broad representation. Image3) Now move the lower bar a little bit to the left to adjust it delicately again. And then the top bar will automatically move a little bit to the left (the range that the bottom bar can adjust is of course 0-69731. So the function of the bar below is to control numbers more delicately. B. This is when you set the amount of ink you want to give manually. If you want to quantify [line ink] 1,000 / 20,000 / 100,000 in this way, You can type numbers directly into the Manual Input column at the top right of the picture. The bar graph will also be natural if you move it together automatically according to the number you enter. This was my idea.^^ I don't know if the contents were delivered well. Haha What do you think? If there's another good suggestion, leave it in the comments.

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  • Taste a TOKook image


    Out of the white paper, I've made a very simple image of it. TOOKTOOK is a blockchain-based creative communication platform that easily creates and communicates with anyone in three seconds. The creation and communication of everyday life.Hmm. That's good. It helps you communicate with your own emotional messages in your creations! You look like Mary. One image, one word, or just one sentence in the GIF format, is an expected killer trap. Just as you get INK by steaming the Publicito PUB Token, TOOKTOOK also gets AIR by steaming the TOOK. AIR serves as the basis for creation and communication, and it is a kind of power index applied in the TOOKTOOK ecosystem.It's similar to the ink in the Publicito.^^ It's nice to hear that this creation can be sent to other social media, such as Telegram.^^ It's a short video and a little bit of a story, but you can feel it, right?# But if you want to know more, you can visit my homepage, right?^^ https://tooktook.io/?lang=ko

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  • Cute yomi...


    Follow the deer

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  • Creating a heart


    I've made heartbeats in my daily life.

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  • Puck! Puck! Puck!


    Hong Helmet... I don't know who his son? I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I'm sorry for your reckless son. I told you to take it easy.

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  • Video from the past! I worked hard at the center.The dance team contest for the first daughter.


    When she says she's going to practice dancing, Dadwal says, "Shake your ass a lot."

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  • To celebrate Christmas..With my lovely family.I had a good time in Kuuku.


    I'm happy to have a family. That's why you have to live. Thank you all for my family.

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