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  • dinner with friends


    my heart is very happy, this is a beautiful moment because I can have dinner with friends at a cafe

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.06 15:34

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  • fishing moments with friends


    hi friends publyto wherever you are. today is the day of my special moment because I managed to capture fish

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.06 07:28

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  • the best soccer player from south korea


    Son Heung-min (born in Chuncheon, July 8, 1992; age 27) is a South Korean soccer player who plays for the Tottenham Hotspur club used to play in attacking positions. Son began his junior career at the club Dongbuk High School FC and Hamburger SV [1] then began his senior career at the club in 2010. [2] and now he is a mainstay player of Tottenham Hotspur.

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.05 11:16

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  • happy 6th birthday my dear sister


    Happy birthday to you, dear sister, long life, smarter and diligent in everything. Forgive brother, can not give a beautiful gift.

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.04 16:28

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  • soccer champion


    hi friends publyto wherever you are ... today we are very happy because we won the inter-village football league

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.03 16:41

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  • The price of Bitcoin (BTC) for today


    Bitcoin (BTC) is cryptocurrency or a form of digital capital. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) for today is US $ 10,485.98 with a 24-hour transaction volume of US $ 24,250,071,605. Prices rose 5.5% in the last 24 hours. There was a supply circulation of 17.9 million coins and a maximum supply of 21 million coins. The place where the most Bitcoin exchanges occur is Binance.

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.02 18:36

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    ROLLS ROYCE CARS: These Cars "ghost" special luxury King of Arabia

    $habibieolive . 2019.08.02 08:14

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  • I love Kaka


    My favorite soccer player is Ricardo Kaka. what is your favorite soccer player?

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.31 23:10

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  • orange cat


    Research conducted in 2015 showed that orange cats usually show lazy and more relaxed, but friendly and compassionate attitudes. Uniquely, orange cats often meow loudly to attract the attention of their owners. Although many studies have been conducted on the relationship between color and cat behavior, it turns out that these studies are still considered biased and uncertain.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.29 22:26

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  • favorite motorcycle 좋아하는 오토바이


    wherever I go, this bike always accompanies me 내가가는 곳마다,이 자전거는 항상 나와 함께한다.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.29 04:56

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  • 11 benefits of apples for health

    Health Care

    There's no need to doubt, the benefits of apples for health are certainly very powerful and beyond what we can expect. Apples have good properties for the health of the human body, here are some of the amazing benefits of apples for the human body. 1. Rich in nutrients Two cups of apples contain 2,000 calories 2. Help reduce weight. Apples are known to be rich in minerals and fiber 3. Good for heart health 4. Apples turned out to reduce the risk of heart disease. 5. Lower the risk of diabetes 6. Prevent cancer 7. Fight asthma 8. control blood sugar 9. brain health 10. Overcoming diarrhea and constipation 11. Enhances the human immune system.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.28 09:33

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  • the mystery of the ghost of halimah


    Talking about the mystery of the Seunapet ravine, which is located in the Seulawah Valley, Aceh Besar, it is inseparable from the story of Halimah's ghost, who is said to have often disturbed passersby. According to sources that are worthy of trust and accompanied by the unseen observation of the Aceh ghost investigation team, that the presence of a mysterious and beautiful woman in the cliff begins with a sad story decades ago. This story begins with an incident of the murder of a young girl by several young men who were drunk in lust. The story happened in the 1980s. Here's the story. This story just flows from the figure of Halimah who was successfully met by the Aceh ghost investigation team. The inner dialogue lasted for one hour. To avoid the impression of horror, the author only describes the subject matter. The woman who claimed to be murdered was only 18 years old, said that one day she was on her way home. The condition of the Medan-Banda Aceh state road is quiet. Suddenly a plot deer car passed. The car then stopped in front of Halimah. Without the mother and father, some men who were thought to be not too far away from him, got out of the car. They immediately dragged Halimah into the car. The poor woman could shout for help. But who else will help in such a quiet place. A fist then lost her consciousness. He doesn't know where it is for sure. What he realized was that his crotch was painful. The pain is incredible. When he opened his eyes, a man - watched by another man - was suppressing his battered body. Halimah struggled. But whatever the power. The six-man savage man was possessed by a demon. Because he suffered tremendous pain, he finally fainted again. After all those humans fulfill their depraved desires, they immediately set a strategy to cover up the damned deeds. The choice is to kill Halimah. There had been a quarrel. Two perpetrators did not agree to being killed. But the majority vote supports it. And then the poor woman was executed by being strangled. Even one of the perpetrators raped Halimah's corpse. Until now (2014) no family has managed to find the body of the poor woman. In fact, he was not properly buried. His body was only covered with leaves and crushed stones. And its location around the flow of the river in the valley. Suddenly in front of me, a glow of light appeared to fly on the side of the road. Fear increasingly dominated me. Is that the shadow of Halimah as people often say so far? Or is it just a fog? ”A Tronton truck driver told me that one night he crossed the Seunapet ravine located in Leumbah Seulawah District, Aceh Besar. The location of the ravine is from the east after the famous Saree Market with snacks of sweet potato chips. When he was just about to drive his vehicle up a long incline after the bridge, someone appeared to be standing in the middle of the road. Several times he had that strange human horn. But it seems that the creature was about to commit suicide. Braking trucks is not the solution. Because when climbing with limited energy, stop the rate of vehicles ready to commit suicide. That was not wanted by the driver. Then there is no choice but to run over the mentally ill person. there was a loud bang. After the truck moved away, Kernet tried to look back. But strangely, no one is lying on the road. "Maybe he got stuck below," said the driver. Kernet nodded softly. His human conscience was turbulent. When the car is on a flat road, they stop. The kernet tried to look down on the truck. But until 15 minutes he flashed, nothing could be seen under the car. "There is no one under Bang. Also there is no sign that we just hit someone, "Kernet muttered as he wiped his wet face. When the kernet had climbed into the car. Suddenly a shadow shot from under the car towards the trees. they were suddenly shocked. "Ghosts …………………… .. !!!!," they both shouted while the driver stepped on the gas.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.27 16:47

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  • PUBLYTO promotion on Instagram


    I am PUBLYTO All Connected, Media Content Ecosystem for Multilayered Monetization Remarkable Blockchain Media DAPP on EOSIO Mainnet Download White Paper WHAT IS PUBLYTO Publication + Crypto = PUBLYTO Media content producers can conveniently Plug-in block chain-based monetization systems with high levels of security and transparency in any digital media environment that they normally use or own. User’s revenue-generating activity that can be deployed on PUBLYTO network are largely divided into rewards, advertising sales, and donations. Users can install Plug-ins anywhere, regardless of their UGC(User Generated Content) format such as personal blog, social blog, and communities. PUBLYTO is also a block chain-based media content ecosystem that enables users to generate revenue through User to User based advertising transactions. PUBLYTO Plug-in enables cross-media, fair and unified conventions, easy installation and legacy recovery.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.26 21:05

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  • know traditional Korean clothes 한국의 전통 의상을 알아라.


    Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is a traditional dress for Korean people. Hanbok generally has bright colors, with simple lines and no pockets. Even though it literally means "Korean clothes", hanbok at this time refers to "Joseon Dynasty style clothing" which is usually used formally or semi-formal in celebrations or traditional festivals.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.26 12:55

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  • happy 50th birthday father행복한 50 번째 생일 아버지


    아버지 께서 저에게 주신 모든 것에 감사드립니다. 나는 지금까지 항상 진실한 당신의 사랑을 느낍니다. 너의 나이는 고령이지만, 나는이 특별한 날에 희망을 가지기를. 너의 사랑은 결코 사라지지 않을 것이다. 해피 아버지의 생일. Thank you father for all that you have given me. I always feel your love that is so sincere until now. Even though your age is aging, but I hope on this special day, your love for me will never fade. Happy birthday dad.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.25 13:16

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  • 흡연 위험 dangers of smoking

    Health Care

    건강에 흡연의 주요 위험은 독성 발암 물질 (암 원인)과 담배 연기의 일산화탄소에서 비롯됩니다. 이 물질들은 모두 호흡 기관에서 흡입되어 기관 손상과 심장, 혈관 및 호흡기 기관의 기능 저하를 유발할 수 있습니다. The main danger of smoking to health comes from poison carcinogens (cancer causes) and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. Both of these substances will be inhaled in the respiratory tract, which in turn can trigger organ damage and decreased function of the heart, blood vessels, and respiratory system organs.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.24 16:52

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  • 10 benefits of citrus fruits for health


    1. 신장 질환 예방 2. 천식 예방 3. 변비 완화 4. 혈압 조절 5. 암 예방 6. 심장 질환으로부터 신체 보호. 7. 바이러스 감염 퇴치 8. 피를 씻음 9. 강한 뼈 10. 강한 치아 1. Prevent kidney disease 2. Prevent asthma 3. Relieve constipation 4. Regulate Blood Pressure 5. Prevent Cancer 6. Protecting the Body from Heart Disease 7. Fight Virus Infection 8. Cleansing the Blood 9. Strong bones 10. Strong teeth

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.23 22:40

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  • Today's PUB prices are on the market


    PUBLYTO (PUB) is a cryptocurrency token that is published on the EOS platform. The price of PUBLYTO (PUB) for today is IDR 5.94 with a 24-hour transaction volume of IDR 2,840,795. Prices rose 7.9% in the last 24 hours. There is a supply circulation of 0 coins and a maximum supply of 10 billion coins.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.23 18:03

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  • Cheonggyecheon Stream, beautiful Korean tour


    청계천은 도심에 위치한 시대의 흐름이다. 광화문 광장과 멀지 않습니다. 강 양쪽에 아름답게 디자인 된 보행자 통로가 있습니다. 청계천 스팀을 따라 흥미 진진한 장소로는 스테핑 블록, 희망의 벽, 모정 교 등이 있습니다. 차가운 강물을 즐기며 발을 몸을 가볍게 두들기 며 강가에 앉아있을 수 있습니다. 저녁에는 청계천이 매우 낭만적 인 곳으로 변합니다. 주변에는 다채로운 도시의 불빛이 장식되어 있습니다. 청계천은 커플을 신청하는 곳으로 유명합니다. 와, 정말로 낭만적 인. Cheonggyecheon Stream is a stream of times located in the city center. The location is not far from Gwanghwamun Square. On both sides of the river there are pedestrian walkways that are designed so beautifully. In addition there are several interesting places along Cheonggyecheon Steam, including such as Stepping Block, Wall of Hope, and Mojeonggyo Bridge. You can sit on the banks of the river while relaxing soaking your feet enjoying the cool river water or walking down the river while chatting casually. In the evening Cheonggyecheon Stream transforms into a very romantic place. Around it are decorated with colorful city lights. You know, Cheonggyecheon Stream is popular as a place to apply for couples. Wow, really romantic.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.22 16:47

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  • Korea's beautiful tourist attractions


    South Korea is now transformed into one of the world's favorite tourist destinations for holidays because it has many interesting tourist destinations to visit. KPop fever, Korean drama and Korean culture also make this country a popular country in Asia. For those of you who like Korean things, of course you don't want to miss the opportunity to spend a holiday moment there. Well, for you whose budget is really low, don't worry. You can still enjoy your vacation in Ginseng. one of them is Seoullo 7017, the latest destination from South Korea in the form of a rejuvenating bridge to become a 1,024 km city park dedicated to pedestrians, inaugurated on May 20, 2017. At present, Seoullo 7017 also has the role of connecting nearby tourist attractions like Sungnyemun Gate, Myeong-dong, and Namdaemun Market.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.22 01:21

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  • Market Capitalization PUBLYTO ( PUB )


    PUBLYTO (PUB) is a cryptocurrency token that is published on the EOS platform. The price of PUBLYTO (PUB) for today is IDR 4.61 with a 24-hour transaction volume of IDR 675,859. Prices fell -17.7% in the last 24 hours. There is a supply circulation of 0 coins and a maximum supply of 10 billion coins. The place that has the most PUBLYTO exchanges is CoinBene. Browse the block search PUBLYTO addresses and transactions such as eosflare.io and bloks.io. Additional information about PUBLYTO coins can be found on the website https://www.publyto.io/#0.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.21 14:54

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  • Publyto is available on the Play Store


    Publyto application is available in the play store and app store. Hurry up to download and collect PUB tokens with your social media YouTube and Instagram. #aplikasi #apk #publyto #pub

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.20 23:44

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  • Bali tourism


    발리에서 가장 인기있는 관광지입니다. 영혼의 진정한 자연의 아름다움 this is a favorite tourist spot in Bali. soothing natural beauty of the soul

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.20 14:04

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  • 친구를 찾는다. looking for a soulmate


    좋은 친구는 한국의 영혼의 동반자를 찾고 있습니다. my good friend is looking for a korean soul mate

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.20 01:35

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  • PUB market


    또한 PUB의 가격은 시장에서 더 높습니다 also the price of PUB is higher in the market. Go PUB Go....

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.19 12:52

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  • Funny


    웃으면 서 ... 에스컬레이터없이 처음 타십시오

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.19 01:59

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  • Strange but real


    strange but real, a small child lives alone in a remote village in western Indonesia. his father had died and his mother was looking for money outside the country

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.17 22:54

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  • Bali phenomenon


    The annual phenomenon in Bali, every month 7-9 often happens

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.17 01:25

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