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  • A flower blooming at the Seodaemun Prison


    ㅇ I went to Seodaemun Prison to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. ㅇ When I first arrived at the entrance, I was like, "The old building were preserved very well." I felt like I was visiting a film studio. ㅇ When I entered the entrance to the building and started reading the pictures and writings on the wall, I entered the basement thinking, "Oh, this is what happened." "They've suffered a lot." ㅇ Not long after I entered the basement, I found myself repeating, "Well..." and "um.....this is...." ㅇ And then we went to the building where the independence fighters were in. Entering the entrance to the building, I was once surprised by the cold weather. It was clearly a fieldy, sunny day, but the temperature in the prison was cold enough. ㅇ The independence fighters who spent the winter in a place like this without nourishing themselves and fought for their country with their lives in pain are great. I felt sad and sad. ㅇ After all the viewing, I was out of the building and around the building, and I found a flower on the street. ㅇ When I saw the only blooming spring flowers at Seodaemun Prison, I came to think of it as "a flower with the will of independence fighters," and I felt a sense of frustration at the moment. ㅇ If you have not been to the Seodaemun Prison! I highly recommend you to visit it at least once.

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  • Secure encryptionSet up PC security for use of the waste


    ᄋ As damage from recent hacking has occurred, we have prepared basic countermeasures for users to take. https://steemit.com/security/@dbzkxhtm/pc

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.03.24 14:55

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  • Eberipedia Goes to Korea Matching Field!!


    Go to Ebrippidia Mickup! ▣ ᄋ Eberipedia believes that anyone who has Ios as a service that combines the function of the Wickieback Dictionary with the 'Blockchain' technology can participate and receive rewards based on their contribution, so that he can take full advantage of his or her ability to develop himself through Feedback. Before EOS Mainnet, the most anticipated DAap, 'Ebripida', finally had its first munch in Korea and it was an opportunity to get various information such as what the company thought of the Korean market, future vision and goals. ᄋ Although it was not a big mitzkrieg, small-scale progress was possible to participate without increasing concentration and pressure, so it was possible to proceed peacefully. After the two-hour-long briefing on eBrifica, it was a very meaningful place to share not only the delicious chi-mac at a nearby place called Yellow Chicken, but also the thoughts and lessons of each person through an autonomous discussion on the overall blockchain.ᄒᄒ) Finally, this summit gave me a chance to think twice about Ephridia, Korea's Espidia's Mowl'Krim Bg. And Ios's Power Holder 'Dion'Killiman'Killim Karma. ᄋ If you are interested in Ios (blockchain) and Ios Daps (Ebripida), it will be a great opportunity to learn the true image of blockchain that you have been misinformed. Thank you. ★=========================================================================★ ☞ Korea's official Telegram: https://t.me/everipedia_kr_offical ☞ Ebripida website: https://everipedia.org/ ☞ Ios Korea's representative community, Corios Telegram: https://t.me/koreosio ★=========================================================================★

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  • a quiet New Year's Day


    On the eve of the peaceful New Year's Day, I decided to visit a theater nearby to watch a fun movie for lunch. I was walking out the door, approaching the car, and two cats naturally welcomed me on the roof of the car. L ᄋ Before watching a movie after greeting, I finished with a refreshing and neat naengmyeon and a simple dessert, sweet~! (Cold noodles + toast ~ 3,500 won) Today's movie is "The Ultimate Job!" Most of the scenes were intended to provoke laughter throughout the movie, but I felt sorry for being portrayed as a causal rather than a natural laugh. It was a family movie that usually airs as a special holiday movie on TV. After the movie, I wandered around the street of Icheon, got some simple food and came back home. Dinner starts lightly with Monster X burger and then with Tteok Bibimbap. 슥! 촵 !! 촵 !! On holiday, the highway and the streets are crowded people. If you visit your family often rather than just try to meet them on holidays, I think it will be a day for healing.^^.

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  • Visit Pocheon Bearstown (Snowboard) in Gyeonggi-do!!


    Once again, I visited Bearstown in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do to snowboard. ᄋ Beans embarrassed by the sudden decision to visit! But I decided to enjoy snowboarding while shouting for Comon. We had to rent the equipment, so we decided to fit the equipment at the beanstalk called "THE K." ᄋ In THE K, not only snow products, but also "THE K School." It was an easy place for beginners to learn. Before I enjoy snowboarding in earnest! Most of all! You have to fill up the fuel to get on for a long time!! At a restaurant called Leal Hanbang Chicken Gomtang near the shop, I decided to eat "chicken Gomtang" and "Wang Donkatsu." After the meal, I decided to take a picture and learn a board that is not fun and easy. ᄋ But... Anything can't be done easily.... (Hoodoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Pokseok!) ᄒᄒ ᄋDue to our continued friendly board training, we've trained our technology to turn around!!...Zhong... we've run out of fuel, so we've decided to refuel from a nearby restaurant, KFC, to a set of ginger burgers. It's about time that we're about to make a commitment.Once again, after snowboarding, I moved to "THE K" with my regret behind me. When I was snowboarding, it was fun and exciting. I came into the shop and drank a hot cup of mix coffee by the fireplace. I was so tired. I was so tired. Looking at the beautiful sunset, I came to the end of the fun snowboarding trip today. If you are interested in snowboarding or skiing, visit Bearstown and make a good memory.^^* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ · Bairstown The K (THE K) Lending and Training of Snow Supplies: 2520-26 Geumgang-ro, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do - The K-Home: http://thek-ski.com/ You must contact me in advance when you visit!~

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  • Visit to Jisan Resort in Gyeonggi-do!!


    Today, I visited Jisan Resort in Gyeonggi-do to snowboard, one of the most interesting winter sports. For the first time in my life, I decided to go snowboarding and go down the beginner course. Ouch!!! Fool! Fool! Rolls and roll! I was faced with a great deal of hardship and hardship... ( (It took me 20 minutes to get down for the first time.)ᄒᄒ) But in the second challenge, I learned how to play the bell, so I came down a little easier than the first time.ᄒᄒ) After a coke, I tried to take care of my tired body. What? It's been five minutes since I had a wonderful experience. Ah~ I feel like I'm snowboarding like this. Hurry! I've decided to take the middleman course with confidence.Haha Even though I fell two or three times, it was fun to avoid people and steer. But my physical strength is already becoming an enco... No more...;; Next time, make sure! I came home with a firm determination to master the art of "Warriori." If anyone wants to snowboard for the first time, I'm sure they'll have fun if they learn to stop. Lastly, I hope you can make many happy memories and live a life where you can laugh.^^*

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.31 19:02

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  • Seoul Dongmyo Station Delicious Raw Fish Restaurant!


    Find a good restaurant!~~~~ This restaurant is called Alley Black Pig near Dongmyo Station.~~~ You can definitely enjoy the chewy taste in a place where thick fresh meat. The second place I went is "chicken chops." Fish cake. Chicken soup, french fries, sausages. And finally, the horse! On a cold winter day, my body is shabby. Oh, my.It was a place where I made memories by telling stories like that. Then I went outside for a while and looked up in the sky! "PUB specialized in delicious draft beer!" At the moment, I thought it was a PUB member. LOL (I don't think such a day will come soon!) The next day, I cooled my stomach down to Sagol Tteokguk and ended my trip to the restaurant with a cup of "Today's Coffee" at the nearby Starbucks. Although the body was tired, it achieved a certain purpose and saw little hope. ᄋ Hope you have good things to do in the future. Fighting.^^*

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  • Food in front of Seohyun Station!!


    I'm going to stop near Seohyun Station for a peaceful weekend lunch to soothe my hunger. What should I eat first? I tried to eat something cold because it was cold in Seoseong but I wanted a different taste. I decided to eat fried rice at Baekjongwon's Hong Kong store. (The Hong Kong store is cheap and the volume is good.) It was not as spicy as I thought, and there was stir-fried rice that was not as spicy as Shin Ramyun that anyone in Korea could eat. After that, we decided to have a final meal at a nearby place called Simbongsa Doroche for a bite. Haha It wasn't long after fried, it tasted hot and crispy. After finishing it with warm fish cake soup, I ended my pleasant lunch like this.Haha If you want to stop at Seohyun Station and solve your hunger, you can try it.^^

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.27 11:34

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  • This is a manual for PUBLYTO initiators.


    ᄋ I've written it for those who are using it for the first time. It's my first time writing it, so I'm not good at it, but I hope it helps. ᄋ Publishto (PUBLYTO) Initiator's Manual Link Address: https://steemit.com/publyto/@dbzkxhtm/publyto

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.20 19:14

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  • Let's try a delicious quiz sandwich!


    Today, I decided to watch a movie on a fun weekend. 오늘의 Today's movie is a fantasy comedy called "The Man of Myself," and I decided to watch it as a diversion because it has a great appreciation. ᄋ After entering the theater for the second time, I was sitting on the screen and I was very pleased to see a welcome "TOOKTOK" ad. Haha I laughed a lot because it was a comedy, too. I laughed a lot because of the laughter code. Even before the end of the movie. After watching the movie, I ordered a sandwich called "Italian" at a store called Quiznose near the movie theater and did it. L I like sandwiches with fresh vegetables and plain meat rather than regular greasy pastries. I try to use it often next time. I wish you a healthy and happy year, too.^^*

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.19 21:42

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  • Hongik Donkatsu in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do!!


    I was starving to death and decided to fill my stomach at a place called Hongik Donkatsu in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do. We're having a conversation, waiting for you to come out soon after selecting the menu.I've got pork cutlet. King Donkass! It was too big! ᄃᄃᄃ; It may not look big in the picture, but it's really big," said Donkass, who is a big fish. Anyway, this is the first pork cutlet that can be eaten so full of price. If you're hungry, you'll be satisfied after the buffet. Hah!

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.16 13:07

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  • A tour of Seolbong Park in Icheon City!


    Seolbong Park in Icheon is a fairly large park and represents Icheon City. There are so many facilities in Seolbong Park. - It has a total of 29 facilities, including traditional kilns, resident hall, ceramic garden, M restaurant (Korean food book), Sogong Theater, Darye City Hall, outdoor theater, gombangga, anti-aircraft performance, ceramics wall and coffee shop, so it is also a good dating course for family members and lovers. Mt. Seolbong in Seolbong Park is not high at 394 meters above sea level, and the hiking trail is good enough for elementary school students to climb. In addition, there is a theft called Yeongwolam with Seolbong Park, so you can enjoy various attractions in one place. Icheon is famous for its pottery and has a pottery experience center and purchasing facilities in Seolbong Park and various event events, so it can be regarded as an indispensable cultural place in Icheon.

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.13 18:44

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  • Moga-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do: a nice cafe & restaurant


    This is a restaurant in Moga-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do. Uniquely, you can eat delicious food, coffee, and beer together, and the atmosphere inside is good, so you can visit here often regardless of age and gender. The main menu is various coffee, pork cutlet, box steak, and fried rice (n Interestingly, there is a lump like a doll. I always work with the shopkeeper. - When new guests come, they greet people by tailing them. (I don't know if albatross is getting good; ...) If you have any plans to visit your home in Icheon, I recommend you to visit. ^^b

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.11 20:02

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  • Sea the beach, Jugwang-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Gangwon Province donghae our country.


    Korea has the clearest ocean water in the world as well as overseas beaches. This is a beach in Jukwang-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do. This picture was taken just after spring and the coming of summer. Because it is not well known compared to Jeongdongjin or Sokcho in Gangneung, there are not many people who are aware of it and There is a camping site of Songji Lake and facilities are very well located around here, so only those who know it come to visit. In particular, Songjiho Campground is located at the beach and has various facilities. There are many things to enjoy such as a fan, a tant, a camping car, a soccer field, a bed rest area, a shower, and a counter. If you plan to travel in the summer, I highly recommend the camping site of Songji Lake.

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.06 10:54

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  • Warm chicken rice noodles in cold winter!!


    - We ate out the first dinner of the New Year. (I don't want to be a year old so I don't eat rice cake soup yet. Cool!) - Today's dining out! Vietnamese chicken noodle and fried rice!! - The price was low and the soup was strong, so I had a very good meal. - And after the meal, I ate a strange fruit tea at a nearby coffee shop. - The first impression... It was like... frog eggs. - It's better than I thought. It's like a warm... I felt like a kiwi. - I hope you'll all be happy in 2019 and do everything you want. ^^*

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.01.01 20:41

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  • What is this?! Brand(?) that only people know (?)


    - I went to a blood donation house in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do today to donate blood. When I went to the blood donation house, I carried this bag with me. - But what if! If anyone recognizes this logo, I'd be happy to say hello, but... There was no one there. The darkness. - But I don't hesitate to carry it with me. Haha - If you see this logo while walking on the street later, just pretend to know it. I'll take a coffee. ^^* - Happy end of the year and good luck with the pig in 2019.

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.30 22:40

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  • Blood donation opens the way to save lives.


    The good thing about donating blood I can help if someone around me gets hurt. ᄋ You can save a life in a life-threatening situation. 4 hours of service score is accepted. If you donate 10 times as ABO Friends, you will receive a certain gift. If you become a regular blood donor, you can take a free cholesterol test once a year. ᄋ You can get basic souvenirs (film tickets, wallets, water bottles, cosmetics, etc.) You can check basic blood pressure. ᄋ You can receive a package certificate and a certain gift when the specific number of blood donations is made. - 30 silver medals, 50 gold medals, 100 honorary cards, 200 honorary captains and 300 highest-profile honor guards. * If a public servant is a public servant, he or she can register in his or her personal history (presentation details). You can check your basic health status. Health checklist ᄋ Hepatitis B virus antigen 〇 Nuclear acid amplification test of hepatitis B 〇 Hepatitis C virus antibody 〇 Test for hepatitis C nucleic acid amplification ᄋ Human Trimpe Nutrition Virus 〇 ALT (alaninase) ᄋ Syphilis antibody ᄋ Total shortness ᄋ Malaria antibody 〇 ABO Blood type subtype ᄋ AST ᄋ Albumin ᄋ Elemental nitrogen * The type of examination may vary. Blood donation information ∘ Whole blood (general blood donation) - Blood donation cycle: 2 months - One-time: within 30 minutes - Application: Used mainly for life-saving operations in hospital-level facilities. ᄋ Blood plasma (component blood) - Blood donation cycle: 2 weeks - 1 time: approximately 1 hour. - Application: Used mainly for medicine and research. <To Know!> ᄋ Blood donation (whole blood, plasma) is all the same. ᄋ It is said that blood demand (whole blood) has increased recently and is very low. (especially Type O) ᄋ You can donate blood to a simple medicine bottle (1 to 2 glasses) on the eve of blood donation. 〇 Dental treatment (drinking and painkillers) is restricted for two weeks from the end of treatment. ᄋ Before donating blood, you need to check if there are any blood-constrained medications you are taking. (With cold medicine) - Blood donation question: Korean National Red Cross Blood Management Headquarters(https://www.bloodinfo.net/main.do) / 1600-3705 ᄋ The smartphone app makes it easy to check the results of blood donation reservation and health check. If you drink enough water before giving blood, you can donate blood quickly.

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  • Life spent the winter at a high altitude in Yanggu, Gangwon Province.


    One of the coldest places in our country on this cold winter day. Plants growing at high altitudes on the front lines of Yanggu, Gangwon-do are It goes beyond the mere cold to become ice and endure the harsh cold. The reason why winter is so cold is because I had a good time with my friends during the summer season. Think of your neighbors or family as difficult as winter is. I think it's a meaningful time for nature. So I don't want to go out in the winter. There's a lot of help for the needy... I find people around me, and so on. People feel sorry for something... I'm getting sad. It also gets lumpy. Spring comes soon after winter. I've been looking around... I hope it will be an opportunity to reflect on myself and correct myself.

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.28 21:22

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  • What kind of snowman is that? When it melts, it ends.


    A snowman made from the eyes of an adult!~ ᄒᄒ

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.27 11:15

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  • Enjoy the delicious gopchang and overlap~ Be careful not to catch a cold on a cold day and have a good year-end!~~ ^^*


    At the end of the year, you'll see a double bowel and a double bow!~~ Thank you for your hard work this year. Finish well and let's complete the dream that we haven't achieved in the new year!~ Go!!

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.26 16:20

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  • Gift Christmas Tree


    On Christmas day, I gave a small tree to my parents and relatives around me as a present. At night, there is even a flash of light.^^* ps) The reviews say the white tree is prettier... lol #Christmas #Tree #Christmas #Santa #Winter #Jingle Bell #Gift #Family #Children

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.25 20:39

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  • I'm not in the picture, but... It exists somewhere here.


    툭툭 CBT Field! #EOS #Ios #Meet #Tookbook # Food

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.25 20:03

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  • We are EOS friends!~~ ^^


    Everything's gonna be fine! #EOS #Ios #Meet #Friend #Best

    $dbzkxhtm . 2018.12.25 19:21

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